My Fave Fall Looks


As a kid I LOVED Fashion! I mean, clearly…look at this family photo shoot ? And my massive cowlick really elevated the look I think…So, you know that I must also love fall looks to really get into the season.

As I got older and struggled with my weight, figuring out my style felt impossible. I just felt like I couldn't "pull off" certain looks so it was easier to go understated and blend in. I've realized that was just my own insecurities and, had I actually tried, I would have probably felt way more confident rocking a good outfit at any size.

A lot of people assume as soon as you lose weight you're confident and ready to wear anything, but you're still you. You still struggle with those insecurities on the inside even if your body looks different on the outside. It too me a while, but a few years ago I finally started to get into finding my own style and just wearing things I LOVE. I kinda decided if you like it and own it, you can really rock anything. So here are my 5 fave fall looks happening this season.

1. Game Day Vibes ANYTIME

Ryan and I have waited so long to have an LA football team and are SO pumped for the Rams this year! I grew up a huge Patriots fan (my dad is from New England so, you get it…), but I love having a hometown team I can cheer on.

Jerseys have always snuck their way into fashion shows and street wear and with good reason, they're super comfy and totally adorbs. I've always wanted to wear jerseys, especially at games (and kinda just in life too) but didn't totally know what to do with them. They either felt too small or too big, but I finally figured it out. The secret is to get an oversized jersey!!

Yes! Too big is key! It has more room and it's a lot easier to style than a fitted one.

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