Fridge Clean Out Tips

Fridge clean out tips. Your goal for the day: Clean your fridge!

Get everything out, throw away anything old or expired or completely artificial, and wipe down allllllll the things! Sounds like a huge project, probably won't take you more than an hour. And let me just tell you: it feels AMAZING when you're done and everything is sparkling back at you ? These fridge clean out tips will change your life, girl.

But I know…still kinda daunting. We made you a Toss It Guide to helpWhen in doubt, start at the top and make your way through the questions…it will help you know when it's time for something to go (see what we did there?). Fridge to trash with minimal drama.

Print yours out now!


Your main takeaway

The more good you have in front of you, the less you'll think about the less healthy food options. The refrigerator can be a stressful place, or it can be a happy place. The more you take the time to organize it and fill it with healthy, delicious things, the better you're going to feel looking inside it!

Basically, it's almost like your fridge reflects whatever is going on inside you. If you're feeling down on yourself all the time, I'm guessing you haven't been in the mood to finally clear out the moldy Tupperware collecting dust in the back of your fridge…So bring it all to the light! You're amazing, and so full of good things to offer the world. Your fridge should totally reflect that.

Never thought we were going to get this deep & emotional about the state of your fridge, did you?? Need some more ideas for recipes to make and fill your fridge with? Take a look at the Guiltless Nutrition Guide & Lifestyle Book.

Get in there and CLEAN, babe!

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