Your Crop Top Crunch Time Deets: What's Next?


Crop Top Crunch Time

Yesss girl! We are so glad you're joining us for Crop Top Crunch Time. The next two weeks are going to be so much fun and we are going to sculpt our abs and ditch tummy bloat so we're feeling lean and strong for Summer.

You signed up, now we're giving you all the deets on what's next! This is what you need to do to get prepped and ready for Crop Top Crunch Time to start. Make sure to download your printable calendar with all of your workouts for the challenge, you can find this in the email we sent you. Next, follow these easy steps!

crop top crunch time

#1: Grab your Crop Top Crunch Time necessities


The CTCT workouts are all about the slow burn so we'll be using our Sculpting Slider Discs throughout the whole challenge! You'll need these to complete your daily workouts. Compact, effective and what you need to tone those abs. Grab them now!


Ever heard that saying "abs are made in the kitchen"? Well, it's true. Putting a focus on healthy nutrition will give you the results and definition in your core that you're looking for. During the challenge, we'll be using the Guiltless Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book for all of our recipes and to guide us through nutrition during the challenge! These recipes are delish and filled with healthy ingredients that will help you lose weight and see definition.

Get the BEST results

You'll need both the Sculpting Slider Discs and the Guiltless Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book to complete your challenge. The best part? Grab the Slide Into Summer Bundle and save $$! We put together this bundle so you have everything you need to complete your challenge. Grab your bundle now!

#2: Download LSF the App

You'll need LSF the App to complete the challenge since this is where you'll find most of your Crop Top Crunch Time workouts! We'll be using bonus sweats and videos in the app video library to carve and strengthen your core.

During the CTCT challenge only, we're giving you 14-days FREE to LSF the App so you can complete all of your workouts! Basically, you're getting the app FREE for the entire duration of your challenge. What could be better?

Download the app here and start your 14-day FREE trial!

Crop Top Crunch Time

#3: Post Your I'm In Photo!

Find women in the LSF Community and share that you are joining the challenge! Tag @teamlsf and use the hashtags #LSFCropTopCrunchTime #TeamLSF so you can find women who are doing the challenge with you and so they can find you!

Alright girl, let's do this! We are so ready to start this challenge with you on May 24th.

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