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Remember when it was cold and dark and we were all like "I'd work out if it was warm outside!!" And then spring came and it was perfect outside and we got out for our LISS and it was amazing….well that lasted for 0.2 seconds?Because now it's SUMMER! And now the excuse we're on to now is "It's so hot." Which, it is. But: we can't live our lives going from excuse A to excuse B!

Kinda crazy but there are lots of studies showing that training in the heat can be really good for you. Improved cardiovascular health, less soreness, better muscle function, and higher calorie burn have all been tied to working out in the hot weather! It can also be dangerous though, so you need to be careful.

So in the spirit of staying on top of your goals all summer long, I'm bringing you my top hot weather fitness tips. Comment with the one you're going to try?

Choose the right deodorant.

First things first, you'll be sweating a LOT. At least we hope so! As you get in better and better shape, your sweat glands become MORE active. This is a good sign of fitness, because your body is getting more efficient at cooling down. My personal fave: Secret's Active collection in invisible solid. I really like the sport scent. It is specifically made for intense workouts and all-day odor protection. When that heart rate goes up, your odor/wetness protection will too. This is going to come in real handy when you're trying to squeeze in a quick HIIT workout in the middle of your day (and, let's be real, you've got lots of fun stuff to get to this summer?)

Click here to purchase Active for yourself at Target, and let me know what you think!

Eat those electrolytes!

Yes, sports drinks have lots of electrolytes if you're in a pinch. They also have lots of sugar and calories and chemicals. Stick to water (or coconut water) and EAT your electrolytes before/after your summer workouts. Salty foods will replenish your sodium, and you can get that potassium source from bananas, green leafy veggies, and oranges.

Swim your cardio.

I'm usually a fan of getting resistance training in before cardio, but if it's a million degrees out, jump in the pool and get some cardio in before you move on to the body weight work. It will keep you cooler and give you some variety in your normal LISS routine.

Train into it.

You can not (and I mean CAN NOT) just go out at 1 PM in 98 degree heat and workout at your normal intensity. You'll put a ton of stress on your bod, and probably end up super dehydrated. Work into it! Try a few minutes in the heat at first, and gradually increase that time until you can handle a full outdoor summer workout.

Timing is everything.

You'll get plenty of hot weather benefits if you shoot to workout before 10 AM or after 3 PM each day. If it's scorching hot, you run the risk of pushing too hard and of cutting your workout short!

Get a little shady.

Take the workout outside, but find a shady spot! That way, you can get used to working out in hot weather little by little, instead of going from chilly indoor A/C straight to direct midday sun.

Can you hear it?

It's your body, telling you when to push harder and when to stop! And if you're trying to work out in hotter weather, you gotta keep tabs on what your body is saying. If you can handle more, amazing…push for a few more reps. But if you're feeling clammy, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated, or out-of-it…you need to STOP. DROP. and FIND SOME SHADE. Again, you cannot go from 0 to 60 with this stuff. Don't push it if your body is telling you to go back inside and get some water.

So this week, give hot weather workouts a shot! If you're doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide, maybe try doing the first round outside in the sun, and then moving back inside for the rest. Then, once you've adjusted to that, do the first two rounds outside. If you normally wait for sunset to do your LISS jog, maybe try going a little earlier to get some hot weather workout benefits. No matter what, listen to your body.

Now stop reading blog posts and go get out in that beautiful summer sun!

This post was sponsored by Secret Deodorant.

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