Why You're Overeating


Overeating tips. Cravings… we all have them.

And we've all let them get out of control into a full-blown overeating episode. Real talk, I literally used to buy hint of lime chips for work meeting snacks and sit eating the entire bag basically by myself because I was so bored and they were, duh, so delicious.

I also used to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch for a "treat" but sit there and eat the entire boxas "dessert" in one sitting. Like, often. I knew my weaknesses but literally didn't have the self control once the temptations were in front of me. Ugh.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Binge eating disorder is a real thing. There is a difference between overeating snacks and feeling a little weak in the willpower department and feeling completely out of control when you start eating. For more info on binge-eating disorder, see this article. And if you think this might be something you struggle with, please consult your doctor so you can get the help you need?

Along the way, I learned some tips to step awayyyy from the chips + cereals and make better choices.Here are some of my best tricks:

#1. Let the guilt go!

Let yourself have whatever you want. Remember… #LiveGuiltless is what LSF is all about! Sounds crazy, but you'll quickly realize what snacks make you feel alive and energized vs. what makes you feel tired and anxious. It may take a while to have your body reset, but it'll happen. Once it does, it'll make a huuuuuge difference.

I eventually realized I felt sluggish and gross after inhaling a bag of chips.Back awayyyy from the chips, Katie!

#2. Stash the servings.

For real. Literally portion out one true portion and put it in a baggie. We usually don't realize the sheer amount of servings we're throwing back. Sometimes the serving size is absurdly small so you don't realize that you've legit eaten 6 servings in about 10 min. Yikes!

One serving of hint of lime is 1 ounce or approximately 6 chips. There are THIRTEEN servings in a bag. If I'd have had to open 13 individual baggies, that definitely would have slowed my roll and made me think twice about how much I was snacking on.

#3. Fat is your friend!

Add in some fat. With fat, you'll feel fuller faster and you'll ultimately save yourself calories in the long run. Make a healthy swap so that even if you overindulge, you're not feeling so nasty… you won't feel physically gross or beat yourself up! If you crave sweet tweets, try a full fat coconut milk chia pudding. If it's potato chips, try my fave grain-free Siete chips with some guac (plant-based fat).

And I'm telling you, if you make yourself a nutrient packed almond butter smoothie, 9 time out of 10 that craving will go away because you've filled your body's nutrient needs, PLUS you'll be filled up from, yep, those healthy fats!

#4. Avoid shopping in the aisles.

I was never able to back away from the chips or the cereal when they were in my pantry, but I ultimately could avoid it by straight up not buying it. Instead, I picked healthier substitutes that would keep me feeling satisfied so I really wouldn't overdo it! Shopping the perimeter of the store will save you from having to walk past all the bags of chips/cookies. If you do have to venture into the chip section, stick to organic products with ingredient lists you can understand! But stick to YOUR list; if you're in the right head space, it's soooo much easier.

I love salty snacks (uh, duh, Hint of Lime!) so my first successful swap was to snack on nuts. Salty and delicious? CHECK. But wayyyy healthier. And you guessed it! They're packed full of fats, so that kept me feelin' full longer and crub cravings. Win-win!

Next Level Shiiii…

Once I figured out how to curb my own overeating, I finally found that healthy balance. OMG the HBMPis the perfect way to do this… I legit wrote it because it was the book I always needed to read. I needed someone to tell me how to make the healthy, satisfying meals that would make me feel good without feeling deprived. And now I want you to feel that way, too!


The other plan I follow is the Guiltless Guide, which has great swap ideas. You know I love to #LiveGuiltless — seriously, just watch my InstaStories, I love to go out, eat at restaurants, and have fun! But I know how to do it in a smart way, which is something I didn't know how to do before. But I still didn't wanna miss out on the fun with my friends, or hubby. Which is why I figured out the food/life hacks that have helped me live guiltless and what inspired me to write the Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle + Recipe Book. Once I stopped worrying that I'd gain weight if I ate it, and started seriously tuning in to how my body felt after eating, everything clicked. Like mentally and physically.

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I was able to change what my body craved (now I really thrive on week 3 of the HBMP the upped fat intake is my sweet spot!) that I was finally able to freely nibble on some chips here and there, and not go ham. My body was happier and felt better once I started eating right, so I didn't even want to devour that whole bag anymore.

Back awayyyy from the….

Whatever it is that you're craving, there's probably a legit reason. Your body is probably missing something. Sometimes that's physical, like a dietary hole… sometimes that's emotional, like using food as a crutch… and sometimes it's habitual, it's just what your family has always done.

Whatever the reason, there's a healthy way to handle cravings and avoid binging. And Team LSF is here to help. I've 100% been in the thick of it like you, so I know you can make the changes that will help get you feeling better and legit changing what your body craves.

Again, binging can be a real clinical disorder, and obviously I'm not a doctor or mental health professional. If you think you're struggling with an eating disorder, please seek help. There are tons of professionals out there dedicating their lives to help get you healthy, and one place to start is the National Eating Disorders Association. You deserve to live your best life and live guiltless, so please get yourself the help you need and deserve.

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