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Gym bag. Alright, 2016 is here and I know you're ready for some serious fitness motivation

See what's in my gym bag that helps me reach my fitness goals every day. If you want toactuallyaccomplish those New Year's Resolutions this year, you need to BE PREPARED! For me it's all about making a workout schedule (LSF Hot Body Challenges) & packing my bag so I am ready to go. No excuses.

There are SO many different things LOVE and I'm sharing my Top 3 of 2016 below! You can also checkout ALL of my "Must-Haves" in my Gym Bagvlog!


Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat, When you're working out it's one thing, but I'm pretty sure I would sweat in a -20 degrees. I mean…I literally avoidedraising my hand in class because I was so sweaty (not cute!)I've tried SO many different deodorants throughout the years. Like serious prescription antiperspirants to hippy dippy natural crystals. Nope, nope, nope.

Well at least at 28 I've figured it out hah. There is a new DOVE spray deodorantthat goes on dry, no white junk andmakes you smell like you just left the spa. It says it last 48 hours so I obviously had to test it. I went to hot yoga sculpt, taught barre, showered and workout out the next day without reapplying. Risky, but I necessary. I honestly still smelt so fresh and so clean-clean and stayed pretty dry through the second day. So…. I'm gonna go ahead and stick with this one. Uh! I wish this existed for my middle school self.

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Where has this been all my life?


Food is FUEL! If you want to see results from all your hard work, you've gotta eat! Protein is the building block for muscles. To getthose abs to pop and booty to lift, make sure you're getting plenty of healthy, CLEAN protein. When you're running around between work and workouts, it's hard to get the right whole foods. Protein bars are usually the easiest way to make sureyou do.

I spend WAAAAY too much time in grocery aisles reading the backs of protein bars. It's ridiculous how much **** they put in something that's meant to be healthy. There are some good ones out there though. My absolutely FAVES are Rise Bars. They're just clean & simple. 5 ingredients or less and packed with protein. Boom!

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Boobie talk time. Small or large they all need a little support. Most of the time, getting a supportive bra means big, bulky and SUPER uncomfortable. I've found a few I love, but this new one from OMSignal is my new best friend (Like, I've worn it 5 days in a row kinda friend)

It's really supportive so the girls stay put while I'm mid burpeeandit's actually comfortable. It's kinda how I imagine girls with no boobs feel in those little nylon nothing bras that look so soft and free. haha. Anyway, the bonus is it also tracks your heart rate, calorie burn, breath, etc. I wish I could take credit for it's nickname, but the "Tit-Bit" is pretty epic. It's not out 'tilspring, but you can sign-upto get all the deets now!

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