How To Set Intentions

How to set intentions. Hearing the phrase "intention setting" may trigger an "ohmmmm" sound, because, yeah, it's a pretty yogi-thing.

Intention Setting: The Lowdown

If you've taken a yoga class, you'll be familiar with the teacher asking each student to set an intention and focus on that for the duration of their yoga practice. It's such a great practice though, andit's become part of something I do IRL.

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Lemme break down how I set intentions and why…

Intention Checklist

Keep your intentions…


Keep it positive. Talk about what you intend TO do, rather than what you intend NOT to do. Even if you're trying to break some bad habit, or cut down on negativity… there's a positive way to spin that. In fact, just stating it in the positive will be the first step in the right direction.


Our brains get bored easily. You know this… you're super jacked about a new goal, but after a few days or weeks, it's bleh. Our minds work the same way. Set an intention that can keep evolving as you do.

Here & now.

Keep your intention focused on the now, not the distant future. Intentions are different than goals, which can be achieved and "checked off" of a list. Intentions are best practices that you want to continue to implement in your life, on the daily.


Forget some lofty, wordy goal or intention. The best ones are bite-sized chunks leading you to live your best life: "I intend to show kindness to others, even if that's not how I feel". Succinct. (But not necessarilyeasy, of course.)

Why Set Intentions at all?

Not to be dramatic here, butsetting intentions will change your life. Intentions are all about the good vibes, and living our best lives. They spell out who and what you aspire to be. And they provide the roadmap for getting there. When you get off track, they help remind you who you want to become and help steer you in the right direction. See, wasn't kidding when I said life changing.

As a result,intentions make you more effective. They guide you where you want to go and to who you want to become. They're the purpose behind your actions. They also help you get out of your own head. When you're driven by an intention, you don't have to overthink or calculate something. You just follow the intention. You show kindness when you may be inclined to show irritation or defensiveness. You do the action of the intention, and your thoughts and heart will soon follow.

Told ya. Life. Changing.

My intentions for this month and super simple. I'm listing them out for you so I can keep myself accountable, and so you can get some good examples! I always like to take a minute to make the page look a little cute too. It forces me to spend a little more time with them. Plus looking cute never hurt anyone.

My June Intentions:

Always lead by example.

Smile and make someone else smile every day

Learn something every day and share it.

Start my day outside

Love unconditionally & uninhibitedly

Make time for the people & things I love

Let go of the things that don't serve me, and that I cannot serve in (including relationships)

My Challenge to YOU

Grab some matchaand some colored pencils and spend some time setting an intention. Write it down. Studies show you're 2x as likely to follow through if you've written it down! Not to mention, it's just a good reminder to get your head back in check. In fact, share your intention on Instawith the hashtag #LSFIntentions.

If you're really feeling it, follow up that intention sesh with a little yoga flow for basically the best vibes EVER.

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