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Free workouts. Oh my gosh seriously so much fun this morning!

I had a blast getting my sweat on with you babes at the Lorna Jane Active Nation Day. Where you there? Make sure to post and tag your pics @lovesweatfitness #TeamLSF so all the other LSF girls can see them!

I'm ABsolutely ready for fall and doing a complete office/decorating make-over at LSF headquarters. Can't wait to share it with you girls soon! It's soooooo exciting!

Get your motivation on &Commit to your check-ins!Post a pic (of anything!) on Instagram each day & use hashtag#TeamLSF. Posting helps you stay accountable, inspires all the LSF girls & gives you more chances to win prizes!

Start right now!

Post your #LSFMadeItMonday goal/update on IG. This week is all about the core and we are going to you feelin' shredded.

?If you're doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide & Meal Plan, try adding 1 round of these exercises in each day to up your calorie burn and get those abs popping even faster!

Barre so hard

You may have been hitting thebarthis weekend, but today let's meet at thebarre!These moves are going to challenge your balance which means your core muscles are working even harder. Woop Woop. Let's do this Monday!


Do 3 rounds (approx. 20 minutes)

HIIT those abs.

Today is NOT going to be easy, but you are going to feel like strong, confident and totally unstoppable when you're done!


Do 4 rounds (approx. 25 minutes)

Hatin' on the Love Handles

No oneLOVEStheir love handles. Today you're going to work to melt them away with this quick 5 minute workout.


Do 4 rounds (approx. 20 minutes)

Throwback Thursday!

It's an oldie, but goodie! This is an awesome standing abs workout that has a little yoga mixed in to help you get your stretch on too!


Do 3 rounds (approx. 18 minutes)

Bye bye belly

You can workout all day long, but if your diet is off, you're not going to see the results you're looking for. The Hot Body Meal Plan gives you 5 simple meals every single day that will jumpstart your weight loss and help you get that toned tummy you've always wanted.

Grab your guide then do this Belly Pooch workout. It targets your lower abs and love handles and builds lean muscle so that when you start to burn fat you have incredible definition in your abs!


Do 2 rounds (approx. 22 minutes)

Time to clean!

Today we are talking about VACUUMING! Not the kind you dread doing at home, but vacuuming your belly! It's HUGELY important and so easy to do!Waaay easier than actually vacuuming for sure.


Do 2 rounds (approx. 16 min)

Sweat with me!

It's the first day of October so to wrap up the week and celebrate the new month I thought we should workout together!!

Checkout @POPSUGARFitnessIG story for the Toned Arms Workout

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