Abs & Booty Workout Schedule

abs & booty workout. Last week you girls worked those buns like something serious.

This week we are going to even it out a little bit and challenge your body and mind to reach new goals! Plus some abs & booty workout videos added in too!

YourNUMBER 1 PRIORITYhas to be to focus onhow you feel.Not how your look. Not what size you are. Not the number on the scale. This week your goal is to check in with yourself at least once a day and ask"how does (Fill in the blank_______) make me feel?"

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Before You Start this week…

Know what LSF is all about and how to get the most out of your weekly workouts. Checkout your exclusive Sweat Starternow!

weekly workout schedule

Get your motivation on &Commit to your check-ins!Post a pic (of anything!) on Instagram each day & use hashtag#TeamLSF. Posting helps you stay accountable, inspires all the LSF girls & gives you more chances to win prizes!

Start right now!

Post your #LSFMadeItMonday goal/update on IG. Writing it down and putting it out in the universe is a great way to make sure you stick to it! We've got your back girlfriend.

I HIIT Mondays

Most people HATE Mondays, but girl, this is your chance to grab the week by it's horn (unicorn horn obviously!)?Don't let whatever happened last weekend hold you back. It's a new day, new sweat sesh time, new opportunity to fight for the best version of YOU!

Plus, pushing it through a crazy hard workout on a Monday is super empowering. It will help motivate you to hold your head high and rock that confidence all week!


Did you meal prep this weekend? It's not too late!

I baked chicken 3 ways, cooked rice and quinoa, roasted up a ton of fall veggies and steamed my asparagus and broccoli so it was ready to heat and eat!

There are TONS of new recipes for you in the Hot Body Meal Planand it makes it super simple to mix and match meals, season foods the way YOU like and feel confident that you can reach your goals and still get your foodie fix!

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Cardio's my dealio

When I first started out on my fitness journey the only thing I knew how to do was run. Well…jog really, but same-same.

It was where I started, but I quickly learned how important incorporating strength training is as well. That's why the HBSGhas a perfect balance of both. YOU NEED BOTH to create change. And btw, cardio doesn't have to be boring!

Mix it up today for 45 minutes!

  • 10 minutes walking
  • 5 minutes running
  • 10 minute walking
  • 5 minutes climbing stair
  • 10 minutes walking
  • 5 minutes of sprints ( 30 seconds all out sprint / 30 seconds walk it off)

♥ Learn How to Avoid the Freshman 15 & Have a Healthy Dorm Life


Fun New Workout & 2 New Recipes♥

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How to Have a Healthy Dorm Life

Avoid the freshman 15 & stay healthy AF

Barre so hard

You don't need a barre, a fancy ball or really ANYTHING at all to get a serious burn with these barre moves. If you are at home, you can totally use a countertop or chair to help support you and keep your balance.


Have you seen the NEW #LSFsweatanywhereshow on Facebook Watch? Check it out & Follow the page! I will be taking you girls everywhere and anywhere to show you just how easy it is to workout no matter where you are!


Tight Abs Thursday

Those abs are for sure going to start showing up if you're following the HBMP,but the exercises you do give you the shape you're looking for and make you feel strong and toned.

These are my favorite exercises to do for the core and they're perfect because you can do them all together, or mix them up however you want!


Do at least 20 reps of each move today and see how those abs feel after. I'm going to guess tight and totally ready to take on more!

Fit & Fun!

It's been a long week and you 100% deserve a little fun! Real quick though… before you hit HH with the girls we're gonna warm up those dancing legs and burn some calories while we're at it boo.


Do NOT try these dance moves out tonight if you want your friends to invite you out again? #TheCarlton


Sweat & Sip

We all have brunch on the brain, but before you head out for the day you've got to get your sweat on. You'll feel more confident inside and out AND working out first will help you make healthier choices all day long!


Repeat x2


Repeat x3

Namast'ay in Bed

Today I want you to check back in with your goal for this week. How are you feeling? Did you accomplish everything you wanted for the week? Personally? Professionally? Physically? Emotionally?

Write Down 3 words that describe how you feel RIGHT NOW and use those to help you set your goals for tomorrow's #LSFMadeItMondaypost on Instagram!

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