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This week I'm challenging you to set your intentions for summer. Whether you're finishing up school and getting ready to travel or still working 9-5, setting intentions can help you get the most out of every day and reach your goals! I just posted my intentions last week for you girls and am giving you everything you need to know to set your own. The key is making them realistic for YOU! Take Me There! Have fun with these free workouts!

What's your goal this week? Cutting sugar? Drinking more water? Not going for that second portion of dessert? The best way to make sure you can succeed is to share it with your team so we can all help hold you accountable! Post a pic & share you're today on IG.

Make sure you warm up every day before you get your sweat on!

"Bands " a make her dance

Workout Time (20 minutes)

Video x2 + optional HBSGW2D1


*HBSG girls, do this video 1x as a warm up.

Abs + LISS Cardio

Workout Time (30+ minutes)

Video x2 + Your Choice LISS + optional HBSGW2D2


*HBSG girls, do this video 1x as a bonus before your sweat guide


Coretastic Workout

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Video 2x +optional HBSGW2D3


HIIT Cardio

Workout Time (20-25 minutes)

Video x4 +optional HBSGW2D4


*HBSG girls, do this video 1x as a bonus

Arms, Abs + Booty!

Workout Time (35 minutes)

Each Video x1+Optional HBSGW2D5


*HBSG girls, stick to your guide workout today!

Full Body Flow

Workout Time (30 minutes)

Video 2x+Optional HBSGW2D6


*HBSG babes, do these 1x at the end of your workout today.

Active Rest & Recovery

15 minute Stretch Sesh+Optional HBSGW2D7


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