Ultimate Fitness Challenge Is O-Va!


Fitness Challenge. Ultimate fitness challenge is o-va!

If you've been following my blog over the last few months you know I have been trying out tons of new fitness classes after Propel Electrolyte Waterchallenged me to "lyte" up my workout. My ultimate fitness challenge was to do one new workout each week over the last two months. It was such a great experience because it really pushed me to try new things and step out of my usual routine.


Last week I told you girls I was finally going to try a pole fitness class and it happened. My bestie and I went and didn't quite know what to expect, but I have to tell you, there was something super liberating about it. The studio had no mirrors and was only lit by candles (which is why the picture is a little funky from trying to lighten it up). Not being able to check yourself out in the mirror made you only focused on what youfeelin your body through the music and movements. Plus it makes it easier to follow along without being self-conscious that youlooklike a baby giraffe when youfeellike a goddess.

When it was time to actually play on the pole my worst nightmare became a reality. My sweaty hands beat me again! Waaah! I was bound and determined to climb that pole, but unfortunately no amount of hand-grip cream could help. The dryness lasted long enough for me to get one good leg-wrapped twirl, but I completely ate it at the bottom and still have the bruises to show for it haha. Now my inner competitive side is itching to give it another go. I just might have to bring my weightlifting gloves to help next time…Suuuuuper sexy!

Have any of you tried a pole fitness classes before? I mean…it definitely takes some serious strength to make it look as graceful as the instructors do. Maybe I'll have to do a YouTube video in one of the studios sometime so you can experience the hilariousness of me trying to do it haha.

FullSizeRender (9)

It has seriously been so awesome trying outall these different classes and I am definitely going to miss having that ClassPass. After all of the things I've done, I think that the ariel yoga class was my favorite! It was such a good balance of stretching, strengthening and fun! I would love to try to make it to this class at least a couple times a month.

Now the good stuff…. If you remember the first post in this ultimate challenge you might remember there was an awesome prize involved thanks to Propel& CLASSPASS

Prize Time!


You'll be getting the new Propel Electrolyte Water & 1 Month ClassPass

Send me an email with your address so they can send it out to you asap! Congrats!!!

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