Two New Summer Goals

Summer Goals. Every May I give myself new goals for summer. Little challenges that will help me have the best one yet!

This year I'm teaming up with Kohl'sto share the two things you need to do this summer and my top tips to help pickYOURendless summer goals!

I'm not just talking about health and fitness goals, I meanANYTHINGthat will help to truly make you happy. Goals that will allow you to enjoy your summer and feel totally fulfilled come August.Yes– these usuallydohave something to do with your healthand wellnessbecause, let's be honest, when you are staying activeand eating healthyyou feel a million times better. More relaxed,rejuvenated and ready to take on all the craziness of fall.

Plusthe better weather means endorphins are high and your possibilities are seriously endless.

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So here are the two things you need to do this summer when setting your goals

Goal #1

You need to pickONEthing you LOVE to do, and plan to do more of it!

Life gets so busy. It's easy to let our hobbies and "extras" get pushed aside, but summer is the time to put that to an end! The days are longer, the air is warmer and it's time for you to have some fun!

two things you need to do this summer. set goals

So what do I love and want more of?Tennis! Ryan is SO good and I want to get on his level… or at least be able to keep up with him. We have the best time playing, but it definitely doesn't happen enough (aka ever). Not to mention, adding a new exercise or sport into your routine has tons of fitness benefits. When you keep your body guessing or working new muscles, it responds in the best way…getting stronger!

two things you need to do this summer. set goals

My goal is to plan a tennis date for us once a week. We always have amazing brainstorming sessions on the courts and I love that he gets to share something he is passionate about with me. It starts with making it a priority and these tennis dates are officially on my calendar!

two things you need to do this summer.

Goal #2

The second thing you need to do this summer is to find something NEW you want to try and make it happen!

two things you need to do

While it can be intimidating to try new things, the happiness rush you get from them is unmatched. You may be missing out on something you love or are really good at…but unless you try, you will never know. Overcoming your fears, hesitations or insecurities gives you new motivation, not just for the thing you're trying, but in all areas of life!

I grew up surfing almost every single day. In high school and college I slowly stopped. I had more important things to focus on like homework. Just kidding…mostly just boys and my 3 hours on the waves was really getting in the way hah.

Over the years I've talked about wanting to start back up, but I just keep forgetting and putting it off. Now it's been nearly 6 years since I've been actively surfing, but it's time for a change!

two things you need to do

It may nottechnicallybe something "new" but in some ways it is. It's been so long and I don't know how the whole "it's just like riding a bike" thing applies here. The point is, I want to challenge myself and paddling out again will do just that.

You guys know I almost exclusively shop online and I was pretty pumped thatKohl'shad everything I needed to make these goals happen! Buying my new outfits might just be the perfect reminder that I am committed to making these goals a habit!

two things you need to do

If the things you decide you need to do this summer involve anything health and wellness, you for sure need to check out Kohl's. Take a peek at my picks below too!

All right so those are mine. What will it be for you? I want you to take a minute and write down a BUNCH of things you've wanted to do more of and things you've always wanted to try. Pick one of each and make sure at least 1 of them is something that will also help you reach your #TeamLSFgoals!

I want to know what you're doing so we can all help keep you accountable. Take a pic, post it and tag #teamlsf. Can't wait to check it out!

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