Tone Your Booty + Reduce Cellulite


Reduce cellulite. Butts are kinda like snowflakes. No two are the same, and they're all pretty awesome.

Seriously, between your genes, your unique metabolism, the way your specific body builds muscle, and a whole bunch of other factors, your booty is never gonna be just like your bestie — or even like the girls on Instagram you follow for the inspo towards your #bootygoals. And that's a good thing! Your butt is YOURS, babe! And it's up to you to make it the best it can be!!

To help you out, I thought I'd give you a little extra info on your booty, cutie. Welcome to Butt 101!

Butt basics

There are three muscles that make up your butt. The biggest, your gluteus maximus, is actually the biggest muscle in your entire body! That's why our October BOO-ty Challenge is so awesome — it's a chance to work that big muscle so you can see some big gains!!

Let's talk about all three of your booty muscles:

  • Gluteus maximus: This big boy runs all along the outside of your butt and is pretty much what you see when you look at your butt. It's also what you sit on.
  • Gluteus medius: The next biggest muscle in your butt, your gluteus medius is tucked at the upper, outside corner of both sides of your butt. It connects to a tendon that connects your butt to your hip joint and helps you move your leg out to the side.
  • Gluteus minimus: The smallest muscle in your butt, this one is tucked under your gluteus maximus. It helps you rotate your hip inward.

While your gluteus maximus is totally key in thrusting you forward when you're running and walking and in getting your best butt, it's important to work the other two muscles, too. They're what allow you to bring your leg out to the side and to rotate your leg internally and externally.

How to build your butt muscles

Want to get all three of those muscles working their best and super strong so your butt looks amazing? Get on this BOO-ty Challenge, babe! We have a ton of super-effective booty workouts lined up for you to strengthen all of these muscles and get your butt poppin'!

On top of actually working out your butt, there are two really important things you gotta do to build your butt:

  • Eat right: If you want a perky, tight, toned butt, make sure you're making healthy choices. Extra fat is not gonna help your butt look your best! Instead, choose foods that help your body build muscle. Protein is key (obvi), but don't forget about the other things your body needs to recover from your workouts and build new muscle. Think: complex carbs, healthy fats, and produce with lots of antioxidants. I have a whole booty nutrition guide on the blog you can check out to help you build your best butt from the plate up!
  • Prioritize rest: During our BOO-ty Challenge, you're doing a ton of work to build your booty. But the thing about building muscle is that your body needs rest and recovery time to actually get that muscle growing. If you're not getting the results you want, take a look at your workout sched. Are you giving your muscles enough recovery time? Skimping on rest can actually slow you down!

You follow these tips and your booty muscles are looking so amazing! But there's another issue that might keep you from feeling stoked about your butt: cellulite. We've pretty much all got it, babe, so don't sweat.

What to do about cellulite

reduce cellulite three girls

First things first, you need to get out of the mindset that cellulite ruins your butt. It doesn't! Pretty much all women have it and lots of celebs are embracing their bodies, totally posting to Insta with their cellulite on show. It's amazing! Seriously, if you've got cellulite, the best thing you can do is learn to embrace it! It's a normal part of life and it often comes and goes so try your best not to stress it.

Okay, all that said, I totally get not wanting to have all the work you're doing on your body overshadowed by a dimply bum. So I've got a few tips to help:

  • Foam roll: Get on your roller and roll out that booty and your thighs. This encourages lymphatic drainage and strengthens the fascia in those areas, which can help smooth your cellulite. But don't expect overnight results! This is something you gotta do regularly to see a difference.
  • Do targeted workouts: Toning your legs and butt can shrink the amount of cellulite you have. And we've got you covered with a ton of booty and leg workouts in the LSF App!
  • Increase circulation: Getting the blood flowing in your booty and thighs can help smooth your skin, especially short-term. If you know you're gonna be rocking shorts or a bikini, use a scrub or vigorously dry brush the area to keep things smooth and taut.

You're beautiful, babe, no matter what your butt looks like. But if you want to get it looking its best, stick with this BOO-ty challenge and use these tips!!

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