Tips For Surviving Winter


tips for winter.Guys, I have a confession. I know it's going to come as a HUGE surprise that you've NEVER heard about before. But I just need to be honest about this…

I'm a summer girl.

You're shocked right? ??I haven't mentioned that before, have I? lol. I know I know. You were already aware of this detail, because I talk about it a lot. And obviously, I'm a California girl. Honestly, I kinda love winter during Christmastime. It's the only amount of time that gloomy clouds kinda work for me. I can sit by the fire and bask in the Christmas vibes. But…soon the holidays will be over. And tomorrow is the shortest day of the year and the sun is going to set hours before most of us even get off work- blah!

I wanted to share my tips for getting through winter! Just because the days are shorter doesn't mean you can't be happy and productive. These winter ideas are going to make it a little bit brighter. I promise!!

Tips for Surviving Winter

Wake up earlier

I put up my Winter AM routine, which is 100% focused on making each day fun and bright by becoming a morning person. I am not actually one of those. But I am working on it, because waking up in the AM helps me jumpstart my energy and take control of my day before the gloominess sets in. Watch the vid for the best tips I've found on waking up earlier.


I've already posted about my indulgent bath habit and if you haven't tried my recovery bath yet, you are missing out! Is there any better time to enjoy a soak than when it is cold outside? Plus, for those of us with bad circulation can actually experience the sensation of warm hands and feet for once?


We are right in the middle of prime soup season! Soups are delish all year round, but there is something so satisfying about warming up from the inside out with a hot bowl. Plus it's so easy to get loads of veggies into your day through a good soup. I've posted a few recipes that are always winners….

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Butternut Squash Chipotle Soup

Detox Vegetable Soup

Girls' Night In

When it's dark outside by 5 p.m. it's easy to tuck in for the night, but that's why I make sure to invite my friends around for a Night In. There is something so cozy about having your besties around talking and laughing when it's dark out.

Getting Outside

This is one thing that makes me nostalgic for true winter weather is the cold weather fun. Ice skating! Sledding! I have to admit that when I see pics of people enjoying the snow, I get jelly, so enjoy it if you got it and reward yourself with hot cocoa after.

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