Lock Screens To Keep You Motivated All Day Long!


Phone lock screens. So….you're amazing!

You're just a few days into week one of Spring Slimdown, and you're doing so great! It's been amazing to see all your "I'm In" posts and your "Before" transformation photos. So inspired by all the excitement and energy from the LSF babes – this challenge is going to be a game-changer, I can feel it!Just for fun, here are some super cutelock screensfor you to save and use on your phone this month!

You can find instructions below for how to download, but you can totally just click on the image you want an screenshot it as well. The main thing is getting those positive vibes in front of your eyes?Plus, it's an awesome way remind yourself to post your daily check-in so you can win that Grand Prize…

If you're like me, you spend roughly 98% of your day starting at your phone or iPad screen…so why not get some extra SSD motivation out of it?!

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