The Ultimate Fridge Organization Guide


Fridge organization guide. You know those girls who just live to organize?

Like every space in their house looks *pristine* all the literal time, like they're styling an Instagram shoot 24/7? We know those girls. But we are not those girls. Not at all.

How are the rest of us supposed to makeover our fridges without a little help? SOS. A big SOS.

Jk jk, don't worry, friend! We spent some time breaking it down for you – what things to put where and why – the ultimate fridge organization guide. The reasoning is both aesthetic and practical. Like, did you know you really shouldn't put fruit and vegetables close together? Apples (and some others fruits) give off a chemical that speeds up ripening, which is totally amazing when you're trying to get some avocados ready for guac in a pinch, but not totally amazing when you're trying not to go to the grocery store for spinach 3x per week…

In terms of kombucha though, you probably just want a lot of it, and you probably want to organize it by color. Because it looks REALLY CUTE, that's why.

Download this guide (print it out, if you want to go pro-status) and take pics of your finished product! You're already like 80% of the way to being total #InstagramGoals right now.

If you need more guidance in the nutrition department, the Hot Body Sweat Guideand the Guiltless Nutrition Guideboth have TONS of easy tips and tricks to make healthy living a total breeze. 10/10 would recommend if you're feeling a little overwhelmed!

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