The LSF Accountability Challenge


Accountability challenge. Make new friends that support your goals + push you to be your best.

Giveaways each week, for the remainder of the Summer Shape Up.

Basically, now is when you really start to feel+ see the results. It's the time when you think back to the #goals you set on day 1 of the SSU, and decide to push even further? (psst, if you haven't started yet, it's not too late!).

It's totally normal to not wake up every single morning feeling amazing and ready to crush another workout. And it's especially hard if you don't have friends or family around who support your new goals….

…which is why you've got#TeamLSF right here waiting for you at the halfway point, ready to cheer you on!! Thousands of girls who totally get where you're coming from and where you want to go!

Here is what we are going to do!


Begins on Monday 8/6

The challenge will run through the end of the SSU (but, keeping your team active beyond SSU will def help you out in the long run ?,trust us). Starting Monday, the daily accountability challenges will be included in your Weekly Workout Schedule. At the end of each week, you will have one team member send an e-mail to w/ their team IG names for the weekly giveaway! Simple!


LSF is about finding your support system and spreading the fit, fun LOVE! Use this challenge to build friendships with babes that will always have your back + encourage you on your journey. We all need that, especially when we're trying to make all new healthy habits. So, surround yourself with an uplifting, positive community that is always cheering you on + pushing you to reach your goals.You gotta chase those good vibes!

Ok, so what do I need to do RN?

Step 1: Build your team

Head to this IG post on the @LoveSweatFitness page.You can find your girls however you want, but this is the easiest way to find a team.

Like + comment "Dream Team"

Slide into those DMs! Message the babe who commented above you… she's your new wing woman. And, you'll obvi be getting a DM from whoever is below you… the more support, the better! You can add as many girls to your team as you like!The only rule? You can only be on one team.

Step 2: Decide on a fun LSF hashtag for your team!

This can be literally anything, just be sure to include the "LSF" in there 'cause duh…we wanna see what you're up to! It makes it super easy to find your posts. A couple of our favorites from the last accountability challenge were #LSFGreat8 and #LSFBabeSquad.

Step 3: Get to know your girls!

Chat it up with your team through your new DM to stay motivated. If you start to feel tired or tempted to get off track, whip out your phone and DM your crew. They've got your back.

Alright, get after those workouts, continue with that on-point nutrition, and share all the fun daily details with us + your accountability team. Keep an eye out for your daily accountability tasks in the Week 5 Workout Schedule. Keep killing it, and let your new LSF Team inspire you to inspire others.

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