The Deets On My Real Work Week

week in my life

Ready for a real af work week in my life? This is what an ACTUAL work week looks like running Love Sweat Fitness and coming up with amazing content for you babes! Even though every week is a little different, I'm giving you guys all the behind the scenes on how I spend my week and all of the work that goes into Love Sweat Fitness!

Now that things are slowly starting to pick up, you know what that means… so is my schedule. From working out, filming videos, meetings, and photoshoots, I wanted you guys to get a REAL up close and personal look on what a week in my life usually contains!

No week is the same, that's for sure.

Seriously, my weeks are constantly changing. I'm frequently asked what it's like running my own business and keeping up with the craziness of LSF! We have an app, our website, Youtube, IG, plus creating all of the super fun workouts and challenges - it's A LOT. But I wouldn't change a thing and I absolutely love love love connecting with you babes. Plus I have an incredible team of ladies behind me and I of course couldn't do it without Ryan! I'm so excited to take you guys along with me for a real work week in my life.

Some of the exciting news from this video includes the launch of the new LSF 2 in 1 Foam Roller, which you can now purchase here!! How freaking cute is this roller you guys!? This roller is designed to give you everything you need AND look cute af around the house. Yes pls!

Also, the 2021 #goals planner has officially launched!! You guys, when I say this is my favorite planner we have made so far, I'm not even kidding. It is so freaking adorable and has the cutest activity pages to help keep your goals intact and your motivation strong throughout the year.

Pssst… you can find my morning pumpkin spice latte recipe here AND any of the workouts mentioned in the video on the LSF app.

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