The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes You're Making

weight loss mistakes.Let's get real for a second.

Fitness culture can be full of cheerleaders and super encouraging language, but in the privacy of your own bathroom when you're observing your progress (or lack thereof) or in the trenches of the hardest point of your workout, getting in shape can be really, really hard. In fact, the road to get from Point A to Point B can sometimes seem like the world's most complicated algorithm, so it's crucial to identify the things that hold us back from reaching our goals and possible weight loss mistakes we are making.

In a world where we're on social media almost 24/7, comparison has quickly become one of the easiest things to do, and also one of the most destructive. Comparing ourselves and our own fitness journey to other peoples' can bring our progress to a screeching halt, and send you into a downward spiral. Not. Ideal. In order to work on quitting this bad habit, we have to understand why comparison is so toxic to your progress.

It Makes Your Focus Negative Instead of Positive:

When we compare ourselves to others, we tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive. What you don't look like. The progress you haven't seen. What you don't have. Girl, can you see how that kills your vibe?? How can you work on moving forward when you're cutting yourself down?

You Are Your Own Best Inspiration:

It's important to recognize that not only are soooo many of the photos that you see photoshopped or altered in some way, but "healthy" for that girl at the gym might look completely different than what "healthy" looks like for you! It's not fair to you or your body to compare your unique beauty with somebody else's unique beauty. The goal shouldn't be to look like her. The goal should be to look like the best you! The best body for you will undoubtedly make you much more content in the long run, and if you're always focusing on other people, you won't find out what the healthiest "you" looks like! I bet you'd be pretty impressed by her!

Comparison Robs Yourself of Love (and JOY!):

Fitness and health should be centered around a love for yourself and a desire to do what's best for your body. When you give in to the toxicity of comparing yourself to others, you start focusing on others, and you stop serving yourself. Looking for inspo or encouragement via Instagram is a-okay babe, but just be mindful about your train of thought while you're observing the lovely ladies around you. Your body deserves your full attention and all of your love, and it's the only way that you'll get to your very best you!

Take ownership of the choices you have in front of you today: What does your body need to be fed? What workout will be best for you? What are the things you're grateful for about your body, and what progress have you seen since you started? You are your body's biggest hero, and you're ours too!

Want to know four other things that can kill your progress? Watch this video for everything you need to stop doing in order to start seeing a change.

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