Sweat Babe Crush - Mandy


Sweat babe crush. You guys blew us away this Spring Slim Down. Old news, but we'll say it again: you're amazing.

We've been paying *close* attention to all those posts you're putting up, and we think it's high time you got to see some of our fave LSF Babes front and center, so welcome to our new series: Sweat Babe Crush. And our first girl is everything: she's fun, she's fit, and she's the CUTEST mama ever.

Meet Mandy!

Name: Amanda


Instagram handle: @mandy_c_fit

How long have you been part of Team LSF?

I joined Team LSF on August 9, 2017 during the Summer Shape Up, and absolutely loved the challenge!

What is your favorite LSF Workout?

For me it's 100% gotta be Katie's Bootylicious HIIT Cardio Workout. It gets my heart rate up in no time, I'm sweating after the first round, and my legs and booty are burning by the last round.

What is the hardest part of working out for you?

Definitely, finding the time for my workouts. Since joining Team LSF I've changed the way I look at my workout time. I don't think of my workout as something else I have to check off of my list. Working out is something that I get to do for me! I've found that the endorphins I get from working out are essential to my happiness. On days I miss my workout, I feel sluggish and my mood is noticeably different. I've promised myself to find the time each and everyday for it! Even if all I can fit in are some squats or push-ups throughout the day, or a short brisk walk. Simply put, I need my daily workout to be my best.

What would you say is your problem zone?

My thighs, hips/booty, and abdomen for sure. I carry extra weight in my thighs and booty.

What are the three best impacts of the Spring Slim Down challenge in your life?

#1. My energy level has improved dramatically since starting the Spring Slim Down. I'm running circles around my 2 year old now instead of the other way around.

#2. The challenge has helped me lose some extra fat throughout my body. My back, abdomen, and booty all look and feel leaner. It was really motivating to see the difference between my before pictures and halfway through the challenge. It's so reassuring to see that all of these insane sweat sessions are paying off!

#3. My mood and confidence have also improved dramatically. Knowing that I can change my body, my mindset, and my life through working out gives me so much confidence in myself in general. When I am consistently taking steps each day towards my goals (fitness, career, or other goals) and I begin seeing results I get that "Nothing can stop me now" mentality. Feeling more in control of your life is amazing.

What made you sign up for the challenge?

I wanted a reset, and I knew that Katie's challenges always bring me big results in a short amount of time. I love the new YouTube workouts, daily #LSFrollcall check-ins, support from all of the LSF girls on Instagram, and of course a chance to win some prizes. SIGN. ME. UP!

Why did you pick LSF over other workout plans?

Katie's energy and personality had me hooked from the first day I found one of her workout videos while searching YouTube. It was obvious that she was excited about what she does, and is passionate about helping everyone in Team LSF reach their fitness goals. Her weight loss journey is really inspiring to me, and I love that she made a career out of it.

I also chose LSF because of the LSF Instagram community. From the day I joined LSF, I felt welcome and embraced by the girls. I absolutely love the fact that I've gotten to know so many incredible women working hard to better themselves. Knowing that so many women are cheering you on everyday is so motivating. And it's such a positive way to use social media, I just love it!

Give your best advice for other girls looking to start a fitness routine!

My best advice for those starting a fitness routine is to focus ontaking small steps everyday toward that goal. I felt so empowered once I realized that each choice I make throughout my day will move me closer to or farther away from my goals. If I skip my workout and give into every food craving I have in a day, it's going to take me a lot longer to reach my fitness goals. But if I can make more healthy choices that will move me in the direction of my goal, then that's a good day! And that's not to say that you have to be 100% and always turn down that craving or never miss a workout; sometimes sneaking that chocolate gives us what we need at that moment.

Oh and one other piece of advice, start your day with a quick 5 minute dance party. It will boost your mood more than you'd think it could!

What keeps you motivated?

Most of my motivation to live a healthier lifestyle comes from wanting to do better for myself, my son, and my husband. I've dealt with anxiety and depression for years and have let it consume me at times. During those times I developed a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, had low energy, and gained weight. I wanted more out of life and knew that I needed to love and take care of myself if I was going to break the cycle.

Personally, I have found that daily exercise, a healthy diet, the LSF community, and gratefulness have dramatically improved my mental and physical health. I know that if I let these positive habits that I've worked hard to create slip away, I won't be the amazing woman, mom, and wife that I was meant to be.

Anything else you wanna share with your fellow LSF babes?

I am so glad that I found LSF, and am incredibly grateful to Katie for the AMAZING company she has created. It has changed my life, and I am so happy to be a part of it. I love seeing so many women putting in hard work to better themselves, I can't think of a better team to join. I hope that I can be an inspiration to other strong women during their fitness journey.

Yes. Amen. Retweet. This girl gets it and we could not be bigger fans of hers.

Go follow her for more amazing inspiration, and always always ALWAYS let us know if you think one of your LSF babes is totally killing it and inspiring you. This is what it's all about, friends?

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