Summer Skin Care Routine


This is the easiest summer skin care routine! While there are some skin care tips that will help you all-year-long, catering your skincare routine to the season is crucial to making your skin be its' best.

Especially with summer, our skin needs extra care to make sure we keep it protected, hydrated and radiant and my six step summer skin care routine is going to be a game changer for you

Sun Skin Care

When spending more time in the sun, our skin needs major help to cope with its negative effects. No one wants dry skin, sun damage, or a harmful sunburn, so make sure you protect your skin by applying sunscreen before you get into the sun and reapplying throughout the day. My favorite clean, weightless sunscreen is KOPARI Sundaze Mineral Sunscreen. Not only does it shield against damaging rays, but is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to also hydrate your skin.

Tip: If you want that summer glow without risking sun damage or investing in the time it takes basking in the sun, self-tanner will be a lifesaver!

Hydration is KEY

The sun dehydrates you and your skin — plain and simple. So, you have to have a summer skincare routine that's different than the rest of the year. After a day of being in the sun, your skin needs rehydration to fight against wrinkles and dry skin. Dousing all of your skin in lotion, aloe vera, and serums will preserve and save your skin. The more hydration the better, so make sure throughout the summer that you are regularly using hydrating face masks. Your face is the most delicate and sensitive, which is why it needs special care. For a concentrated face serum that can be used before and after being in the sun, try one of my favorites: Dr. Roebuck's Surf Chaser Serum.

Tip: Skin hydration not only comes from the products you use, but the beverages you consume. Drink plenty of water everyday this summer to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Use Retinol at Night

Incorporating retinol into your skincare routine will help incorporate more hydration into your skin and fight against wrinkles and fast aging skin. Since retinol is derived from Vitamin A it helps promote cell growth and targets the topmost layer of the skin to help stress-induced, oxidate damage. If you are new to using retinol, start with a low dose to get your skin used to it because it can create redness and irritation especially to sensitive skin. But, once you regularly start using retinol you will see how it transforms your skin.

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