SSU Fitness Challenge Winners!


fitness challenge. Summer Shape Up 2018 BLEW US AWAY.

We had so many amazing entries, it was almost impossible to choose. If you think we're kidding, you should know it took us over 10 hours of reading through your stories and looking at your unbelievable transformation pictures (plus a little bit of debating!). You should also know we ADDED a whole bunch of prizes into the mix because, for real, there were just too many incredible stories! This is our favorite fitness challenge we put on, so much inspiration here.

So without further ado…

The Winners of our Endless Summer Box

…plus some super fun goodies (aka the Summer Sweat Box — because it's always summer when you're an LSF babe…) They're the babes who brought it – who showed insane physical progress, emotional progress, healthy habits, and support of other girls.

Sara Ryan, aka @_saragetsfit_2018_lsf ! This babe had a crazy amount of progress, plus the best attitude ever. We love her for getting out there every single day and challenging herself.

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