Summer Shape Up Week 5


Summer fitness challenge. It's Summer Shape Up Week 5!

We are HALFWAY through the #LSFsummershapeup and you're crushing goals and lookin' good doing it!

I've been so inspired reading your comments on my weight-loss story updateon youtube and healthy travel routineand I can't wait to make more vlogs to help you girls keep pushing toward your dreams!

The longest challenge we've ever done before this was the Spring Slim Down when we extended it from 4 weeks to 5, so 8 is MAJOR! That's 4 more weeks to lock down your nutrition, create new habits and transform your mind and body. It takes 8 weeks to hear it, and with the LSF Plan and #TeamLSF on your side, you're gonna be hearing it girl! Rock that summer fitness challenge!

This week we kick of theAccountability Challengeso if you don't have a partner(s) DM @TeamLSFso we can help you find one! Check at the bottom of each day for the mini challenge and check-in with your girls everyday to help keep each other on track!

*Follow the workouts below. The times and round are suggestions. If you need more time, take it! If you can do more rounds, do them! You do you! If you have the Hot Body Sweat Guide see the second option for your daily workout.

Booty + Cardio

Grab your booty bandsbabe!

Workout Time (20+ minutes)

No Squat Video x1 + Cardio Dance Video x2


Cardio Dance x1 to warm up + HBSGW5D1

#LSFMadeItMonday. Post a pic + share your 3 goals for week 5. Tag a friend from your accountability team next to each goal to keep you on track this week

NEW Lower Body Problem Area Workout

**Video Posted to YouTube on Monday August 6th**

Time (30+ minutes)

New Video x3



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Check in w/ a Like & Comment on the video with how you feel when you're done!

After you finish the workout, hold a forearm plank as long as you can. Share how far you made it with a post or story on Instagram!

Bonus: tag a babe in your group to challenge her to plank it out even longer!

Sculpt & Tone

Workout Time (25 minutes)

Video x3


HBSGW5D3 + SSU Bikini Ab Ladder

Check out the new inspo quotes in the @TeamLSFstory today. Screenshot + story your fave, then tag a friend who could use some extra mid-week love!

Barre So Hard

Workout Time (25+ minutes)

Video x3


Video x1 to warm up + HBSGW5D4

When you're done with your workout, comment "Barre So Hard ?" on your girls #lsfrollcall check-in post.

Summer Shape Up Mixtape Vol. 2

Have you checked out the new SSU Playlist? Get the Mixtape Vol. 2here or follow Love Sweat Fitness on Spotifyto get all of Katie's Playlists.

Full Body Burn

Workout Time (15-20 minutes)

Exercises below 3x


1x to warm up + HBSGW5D5

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Booty BandDead Lift x15

Stand with your feet hip distance apart with band under both feet and in hand. Keep your chest slightly lifted with your shoulders pulled back. Keep the band close to your body and gradually bend your knees as you hinge forward from your hips. Lower the band almost to the floor then push back through your heels and squeeze your glutes to come back up. Only go up so far that you engage your backside without over-stretching the band. Repeat.

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Bicycle Crunches x40

Lay on your back and bring your hands gently behind your head with your elbows out wide. Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle and engage your core. Lift your shoulders off the mat and extend your left leg out long to hover as you twist your right elbow to your left knee. Switch sides and continue alternating right to left.

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Standing Swimmers x20

Start standing with a slight bend in your knees hinging forward. Reach your right arm forward bringing your bicep to frame your ear and your left arm back along your side body. Switch and continue to repeat.

summer shape up series, love sweat fitness summer shape up 8 week challenge week, summer shape up week 1

Frog Jumps x15

Start in a sumo squat position with hands on the floor. Explode, jumping up with hands overhead, and land softly back in your squat. Repeat, moving as quickly as possible.

Remember those #lsfmadeitmonday goals you set earlier this week? Check back in with someone that tagged you in one of their goals to help keep them accountable and let her know how strong + amazing she is!!

Treat Yourself

This Rosemary Watermelon Margis my new favorite summertime drink! Perfect for you Summer Shape Up babes looking for a healthier way to splurge a little.

Ps….It's SUPER good without the Tequila too as a mocktail too!

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