Easy Ways To Drink More Water


hydration tips for summer

By now, most of us know how important it is to drink water and the amazing benefits there are from staying on top of your water drinking game! But still so many of us struggle to drink enough water, especially in the hot months of summer.! We could give you endless hydration tips for summer, but the bottom line is, you need to drink more water girl.

Don't worry though, because we're right there with you and to keep each other accountable, it's time for another hydration challenge (summer edition) üòâ This is such an easy way to drink more water and have fun doing it!

Are you so excited?! We can't wait to start on Monday, August 17th. But you can't do the LSF Summer Hydration Challenge without an LSF water bottle! These super cute bottles are literally the best way to keep your water game on point. Keep track of how much you're drinking with the Day Drinking Bottle, or keep it chilled and ice cold all day with the Just Chill Bottle. And because we love ya... get 15% OFF water bottles with code HYDRATE15!

We can't wait for the challenge to start so we can stay hydrated together all week (and after the challenge, too)! Make sure to check out these hydration tips for summer and grab your LSF water bottle before the challenge starts and let's do this thing girl!

Psssttt... love tracking your hydration? Download LSF the App where you can track your water intake every single day!

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