Stop, Drop & Strike A Pose | Yoga Pose Challenge


Yoga Pose Challenge. After two weeks of booty burning, I wanted to give you girls a fun challenge that will get you stretching and allow you're buns to have a little break, For the next two weeks we'll be doing a Yoga Pose Challenge

Each day you will have a new pose that targets different muscle groups. Even though yoga is a very restorative practice, you will still be challenging your body. Working on flexibility and mobility will help strengthen your entire body and make your other workouts that much more effective.


  • Take a Time Out!Spend 5-10 minutes a day to work into each posture. Breathe deeply through your nose filling up your stomach with air and exhale slowly out of your mouth. Use this time to let go of any tension in your muscles and stress in your mind.
  • Post it!I want to see you doing this challenge! Snap a picture each day & Share it on INSTAGRAM. Make sure you use the hashtags #TeamLSF #LoveSweatFitness #LSFStrikeAPose so we can all encourage you as you get your stretch on!
  • Prizes!There will be a random winner selected at the end to win some awesome Fitness Prizes! You MUST post all 14 days, Tag @lovesweatfitness and use the hashtags (see above)
LSF Yoga Pose Challenge

March Winners

First off, AMAZING job to ALL the ladies who were getting your stretch on this month!




Congrats Ladies! You've won my Guiltless Nutrition Guide & a LSF Tank!Send me an email with you address and tank size!

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