SSU Spotlight: Carly Lester

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Another month is coming to a close and we know this summer has been...different. The extra time cooped up alone in our houses can take a toll on us mentally and physically and it's time for a change. Your body is probably craving movement, purpose, and connection, which is why we're so excited part 2 of Summer Shape Up 2020 Challenge starts Monday!

We're also excited about the opportunity to feature just a few of the many LSF babes who have used these challenges to create a fitness and weight loss transformation in their own lives.

Goals, Girl

Meet an ah-mazing LSF Babe named Carly Lester, @carly_l_lsf on IG! This #LSFMom first saw how powerful these challenges can be when she crushed Summer Shape Up of 2018, but she soon realized what a game-changer the LSF community is. It also played a vital role for her during the Refresh in 21 Challenge this past January.

Chatting with Carly

"It wasn't until after the refresh challenge...that I made my first post and everything changed for me. I was way more committed after seeing how supportive and welcoming this community is."

Community is Key!

You have an amazing program in the LSF app, having people alongside you, cheering you on, and encouraging you is what helps you stick to it! Whether your goals include a little tightening up, a makeover for your diet , or a total weight loss transformation, the LSF community helps so many LSF babes like Carly keep pushing towards her goals!

Self Love Club

It's about more than the workout, Carly has learned to love herself more and is feeling all around happier than she ever has! "It's taught me discipline and patience and that you have to work hard for anything that's worth having. It's also all around made me a happier person for my kids and family."

Ugh, Carly, we could not agree more (see why we love her so much?)! In fact, lots of us can attest to the fact that putting in the hard work to achieve a fitness or health transformation can change your whole outlook on life!

I flipped my own life upside down (in theee best way) during my own weight loss transformation. That journey for me, like Carly, was sparked by having somebody by my side to encourage, love, and validate me. This is why it's such a priority of ours to cultivate and grow this incredible community, and why it makes such a big difference in people's lives!

Be Inspired

Carly talked about squashing the voice that tells you " you can't do it". Her amazing ability to break down those mental barriers and reach her goals is strengthened by all of you!

"I seriously owe so much to Team LSF." Carly said, "It means everything to me. It's where I look when I need a confidence boost or motivation. Everyone has your back and is so genuine. I don't have anyone in my personal life that I can relate to when it comes to health and fitness. So having a group of women that are going through the same situations and are able to share their experiences like this is incredible for me."

Join us for Part 2 of Summer Shape Up!

I'm sure by this point you're as utterly obsessed with this amazing momma as we are. We are so grateful to have such a #bossbabe a part of this community! Now she can be the one that inspires and motivates other ladies!

Sound like something that would benefit you? Well what's the hold-up, sister?! Sign up for part 2 of Summer Shape Up, join the LSF community, get connected and get ready to sweat it out with this amazing group of women!

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