SSU Prize Runner Up: Myrna Scales

Myrna Scales. What do you call eight weeks of inspiration, healthy lifestyle changes, and the most amazing community to support you through it?

We call it the 8 week Summer Shape Up challenge, and we're celebrating all of our LSF babes success!

We wish we could highlight each and every one of you, because you all deserve it! We love seeing all of your amazing results and how you sweat it out using the LSF App!

Myrna Scalesfrom Topeka, Kansas rocked the Summer Shape Up 2019 challenge so hard and had fun while doing it! Make sure to follow Myrna on Instagram @myrnagetshealthy!Here's what she had to say about her Summer Shape Up experience.

Myrna's 8 week Progress

What were your goals going into the challenge?

My goals were to tone up, feel stronger, and stay consistent. I reached my goals. I am going to continue working out every day with the LSF app.It makes working out so much easier!

Did you ditch any unhealthy habits this summer?

Yes! I stopped eating gluten, and I stopped being negative towards myself. I am proud of what I've accomplished.

Share some of the healthy habits you have formed during SSU.

I drink more water now. I start drinking water earlier in the day, so I get enough. I also pay more attention to my portion sizes. After I'm done eating a meal, I wait a few minutes to make sure I'm full instead of getting a second and third plate.

Starting fresh and changing your lifestyle isn't easy, but it's SO worth it. What was most challenging for you these last 8 weeks?

The hardest part for me was staying consistent. The last thing I wanted to do was a workout at the end of the day. I was exhausted, but I knew once I did, I would feel so much better. After week four, I looked forward to my workouts. I felt stronger and more in control afterward.

Did you use the LSF App during the challenge? Share your experience!

Yes, I did, and I loved it. I was able to workout from home, and even when I traveled. It's so easy, cute, and fun. I felt happy after a workout.

What's your fave part about Team LSF? What are you looking forward to next?

My favorite part is the community. Everyone is so lovely and motivating. I loved cheering the other girls on, and they cheered me on too. I posted every day, almost, because I knew they were posting sweaty selfies also. I'm looking forward to more challenges, YouTube videos, and ALL the things!

Yes girl. Feeling happy after a workout – is there any better feeling? Myrna knows what's up.

We love our amazing community of women! #TeamLSF is what keeps up going and is the best motivator to keep sweating it our and working hard! We're so inspired by you each and every day. Get out there and keep on crushing it, babes!! We'll see you soon with another inspirational babe who was a prize runner up for #LSFSummerShapeUp 2019!

Myrna Scales

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