Spring Slim Down 2023 Winners!


Spring Slim Down 2023 Winners!

350 pounds in JUST 6 WEEKS! Spring Slim Down 2023 is in the books and, phew, this one was insane! Our team was in constant awe of the progress, both physically and mentally we were seeing throughout the challenge. We wanted to bring back the intensity with this challenge- in our workouts, our nutrition, our prizes, and most importantly, our grand prize (a free trip to Miami, FL just to jog your memory *winky face)! We brought back Accountability Groups to connect members with each other & lean on each other for support during the 6 week challenge. We introduced 6 new videos in the MOVE app, all focused on specific areas of the body to really feel that burn. We also re-introduced weekly giveaways for our #teamlsf community who remain the most loyal and supportive fitness community to exist!

Now, if you couldn't tell, we brought the HEAT to this challenge and so did our members! Based on JUST the members who submitted their story, we lost nearly 350 pounds in this 6 week challenge! I can only imagine how much bigger that number is from the other thousands of members who did the challenge! If you haven't taken the chance to tell us your story yet, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to submit your story here.

Follow Team LSF on IG to see more! Everyone finished this 6 week challenge stronger than ever and I am so proud!

Now it's time to shout out our SSD23 winners! These women stayed dedicated and consistent with their 7 Day Slim Down Meal Plan, Hot Body Meal Plan, and MOVE app workouts!

These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most heart warming stories!


Ashley (@love.shine.wellness) - Marshall, Michigan Total pounds lost: 13

"This challenge taught me consistency over intensity."

Ashley's Story

"This challenge came at the perfect time for me. At the start date I was just a little over 3.5 months postpartum, from a complicated labor that turned into an emergency C-section. I was cleared for workouts, but as most new moms I was feeling low on energy. I was also low on self confidence, from my newly changed body and a little mentally drained from trying to balance all of my previous roles with my new role as a mom.

Each day I allowed myself that time to sign into the Move app & complete the daily 10 and either do the daily workout, sneak out for a walk, do a video workout in the app etc. At the end of the day I'd log onto instagram & check in with my accountability group, check the #lsfrollcall for recent posts & interact with the community. It's amazing to have your own group of cheerleaders and the girls really kept me going & encouraged me on hard days.

This challenge taught me consistency over intensity. Just do something that gets you closer to your goals. Give yourself grace & flexibility to do what you CAN. Even if that means a walk or 5 minutes of stretching, a quick exercise video, a partial workout. Whatever works for you. Just do something.

My favorite part of SSD23 is the community support from other motivated women. We may all be on our own journeys, but we connect with one another to support and encourage each other in living a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically, and that's very empowering.

At the end of the challenge I felt so proud of myself for completing it. I had noted increased energy as the weeks progressed and when I took my "after" pictures & compared to my "before" I was shocked to also SEE the difference.

I'm going to continue using Hot body meal plan and using the Move app daily & be eagerly waiting for the next challenge to start! TeamLSF for life üíï"


Serena (@Serenebabe22)- Volga, WV Total Pounds Lost: 10

"I love this community with all my heart and Team LSF is my life!"

Serena's Story

"This challenge has been my most favorite so far! I have loved them all but I think this one has to be my favorite mostly due to the accountability groups. This was a game changer for me and made the challenge so much more fun! I have also learned different ways to prep food and have built a new routine that I plan to stick with. Having the accountability groups has been amazing. I have made so many friends and have such a strong support group!! We have each others backs for sure! I don't know what I would do without them! I love this community with all my heart and Team LSF is my life! All my family and friends know about LSF!!!!!"

Aleena (@faithfitness_girl.lsf)- Malta, Ohio Pounds Lost: 12

"I feel good mentally and physically thanks to this challenge and this is only the beginning."

Aleena's Story

"Before #lsfspringslimdown started I was in a slump (being a stay at home mom to a little one without having much adult interaction can take a toll on you). I was not feeling well mentally and physically but thanks to this challenge my life has been impacted for the better! I lost 12 pounds and gained a healthier outlook on life! The amazing community has been one of my favorite parts of the challenge.

I have created new routine, nutrition, and workout habits that helped set me up for success in my health journey. Nutrition has always been the most challenging part and I was really struggling but as the challenge went on it got easier.

For workouts I loved the Move app. The workouts are fun and simple yet very effective. I feel good mentally and physically thanks to this challenge and this is only the beginning. It really helped me find myself again. I'm also proud to be a healthy example for my son! I can't wait to see what's still in store! Like Katie says, 'Good things come to those who sweat!'"


Our Pink Heart Award goes to a member in the #teamLSF community who not only stayed dedicated to their own fitness journey, but was also extremely encouraging of her fellow #teamlsf babes! Every challenge we ask members to submit people who motivated them and was a source of positivity and encouragement throughout the challenge.

By far the member who received the most shoutouts was Emma (@emmateamlsf) from Nova Scotia,Canada. Emma lost 5 pounds herself! Thank you Emma for being such a light for #teamlsf throughout this challenge!


We received SO many amazing submissions to this challenge that it was nearly impossible to just spotlight 3 people. We wanted to shout out these amazing members who also had insane transformation & heartwarming stories!

Cheers to all who participated in Spring Slim Down 2023! We can't wait for the next challenge!

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