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lose weight fast lose weight fast. Spring break is just a few weeks away!

I know… it happened so fast!I've got thebest way to help you get bikini ready, lose weight and feel amazing laying on the beach, cocktail, or coconut, in hand!

You need a mix of cardio & strength training toget that "toned" look, but for straight fat loss, cardioand a clean dietis where it's at.

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You really need to dial in your nutrition to see the best results possible and the clean diet part is easy. I've got you covered with my 4 Week Hot Body Meal Planto help you slim down.


There are so many different types of cardio out there, but two main types tothink about:

  • Steady-State Cardio is when you keep your heart rate lower and steady over a longer period of time.
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is also considered cardio, but this is when you will go through intervals of spiking your heart rate and slowing it back down.

Get Your Sweat On!

Cardio isn't everyones fave workout, but you'll find some amazingbenefitsthat make it so worth it!

♥ Increases "Happy Hormones" like dopamine: Perfect if you're having a crappy day and need your mood to not suck anymore.

♥ Strengthens your heart: Conditions it doesn't have to work so hard when you're resting and leads to overall healthier body.

♥ Uses Fat as Fuel: Most workouts tap into stored carbs and even protein for energy, but the right cardio will actually use your extra fat to fuel the workout. #WINNING

♥ Steady-State Cardiouses fat as fuel: The slow and steady pace means you can breathe deeper and get lots of oxygen to your muscles. Oxygen is key in converting carbs and fats to energy.

♥ HIIT deprives your muscles of oxygen while you're workout out, but trying to make up for it after your workoutsburns calories like crazy. It's a great way to increase endurance and help burn calories for up to 24 hours after your workout is over.

The LSF 8 Week Hot Body Sweat Guideis going to be the absolute BEST tool to get you in Spring Break Shape. It mixes these cardio types in a perfect balance with strength and condition exercises to tone, tighten and slim down your body!


Here's the best way to incorporate cardio into your week to help shed the pounds fast!

♥ Grab your Hot Body Sweat Guideand Join Team LSF!

♥ 2-3 days Steady State Cardio (30min-1 hour jogging, elliptical, run, dance fitness class, etc.)

♥ 1-2 HIIT Sessions (Try these HIIT workout)

♥ 2-3 Days Strength & Conditioning (Weights, Barre Bootcamp, Yoga Sculpt, Circuit Training, etc)

No one wants a cardio booty so make sure you also get at least 3 days of strength and conditioning. I have tons of workouts on YouTube that will help tone and build lean muscle. Add weights in the mix and really see that bikini bod pop.

♥ ♥ So get your playlists ready (I have a bunch for you on Spotifytoo!) & stick to your Love Sweat Fitness Hot Body Sweat Guide & Meal Plan. You'll definitely have earned those cocktails and be able to relax and enjoy Spring Break!

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