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yoga. Get Splashy With It

If you're following me on SnapChat you know I was just at Splash House in Palm Springs, Ca. to play and teach yoga. It's probably the best kept So. Cal music festival secret. Well… I guess it's not much of a secret now, but it is SO fun!! Basically, it is three local hotels that invite awesome DJ's and host all day pool parties.

I call it "Vegas-lite". It's a much more chill scene with relaxed summer vibes flowing all around. Along with the music, there are other activities like yoga, drum circles, horse shoe and playing on obnoxious pool floaties day and night. Think summer camp for grown-ups, which sounds as amazing as it actually is! LSF meet up anyone!?

Yoga IMG_9979

People stumbled down to take some relaxing yoga, but I quickly cleared that up. I am all about the SWEAT! I've never seen so many shocked faces in my life. They had no idea I was about to "lyte" up their workoutwith some next level yogain the cool 95 degree weather. It was amazing!

The best part wasthat everyone stuck around and pushed through! They were adding push-up's to their chaturangas and lunges in warrior two. I was so stoked to watch them dripping in sweat and actually smiling while they did it! Success!


Everyone has this little voice that says "uh…I don't think so." Luckily there is another one there to say "Ah heck yes! Go get after it!" Your ability to push past the boundaries we falsely create all starts with your attitude and some encouragement from a friend. These yogis killed it at Splash House and totally lifted me and each other up!

guys stretch

In case you were worried, we definitely did spend some time stretching it out, rehydratingwith Propel Electrolyte Waterand finished off the session jumping in the pool together! It truly was an amazing day with a great community of people.

This week I've totally been channeling all my splashy friends to push through, and enjoy, every minute of every workout I do! Not all of the new classes I've takenare my favorites, but they are a chance to try something new, learn and grow. OH and by the way….it's happening….Iam going to try a Pole Fitness class this week! EEK! Wish me luck ladies!

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