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skincare tips Skincare Tips. Oh hello dry patchy skin…

Seriously, this time of year is my #1 frienemy – I love theideaof winter, but my skin is so unhappy!

The cold, dry weather is trying to rip away any bit of that summer glow I had finally mastered and it's ticking me off. Definitely time to revamp my skincare routine.

No matter where you live, winter is the worst. The extra dry air means extra dry skin: chapping, flaking, breakouts and just an overall blah look.

I have very sensitive dry skin and it usually end up making me breakout adding salt to my skincare wound. I have tried TONS of products and found some that are going to save your face this season! You know I am all about using clean more natural products so here are my skincare tips and favorites. These are seriously the BEST skincare tips for the winter.

Clean it up

All the moisturizer in the world won't make a difference without the right prep. This is the absolute most important thing to protect your skin. Facial cleansers usuallyhave drying alcohols or soaps in them that tear away your skins natural oils, which is no bueno this time of year!

You want a product that is gentle on your skin, but still does its job. I love the Fresh Soy Facial cleanser. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and has amino acids and soy proteins to help support your skins moisture. Plus it has cucumber extract so it smells like you're getinglittle spa treatment everyday!

 winter dry skin best moisturizers saphora beauty


It's a MUST! If you don't exfoliate, you need to. I usually recommend once a week during summer, but this time a year it's more like 2-3 times. Those ones that have big chucks in them are not something I would recommend for your face. They can tear your skin up and make things worse. I started using this Papaya Enzyme Peelfrom Amore Pacific. It's a little pricey, but has lasted me like a year and is worth every penny! When your friends who see you everyday notice something's different, you know you have a winner!

It's super gentle, but removes all the dead skin cells from the surface and helps even skin tones. Exfoliating is key because it allows all the products to actually make it into your skin and do their job.

pacific amore best moisturizers saphora beauty

If you don't already, you really should be doing a facial mask at least once a week. It helpspull all the junk out your pores, which seem to always have plenty in them. My favorite combo is the Aztec Clay maskmixed with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of water. It's amazing!!!! Those aztecs know what's up when it comes to awesome skin. Ilook like the wicked witch of the west for about 15 mins, so I always give Ryan fair warning when it's going on.

aztec clay mask skin care winter dry skin best moisturizers saphora beauty

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Once you've ditched the dirt and dead skin it's time to soak up the moisture. This used to be one of the toughest parts for me because so manyproducts would make me break out.

I'm always take notice ofpeoples skin, especially good skin, About 3 years ago there was a girl who tookmy barre classes and had the most wonderfully dewey face I've ever seen! I needed to know how! As the reigning queen of dry I was in desperate need of some serious skin help. She said all she ever used was Jojoba oil (Pronounced: Ho-Ho-Ba). At the time I had never hear of it, but I'm SO glad she introduced me.

jojoba oil skin care winter dry skin best moisturizers saphora beauty

Jojoba oilis the closet to your bodies natural oil and hasalmost all of the vitamins and mineral you needfor healthy skin. It reallyworks with your body to balance out your skin and I love that it doesn't smell like anything. Don't worry, this is great even if you would consider yourself to be someone with "oily" skin. I'll do about 8 drops at night for more intense moisture and 4-5 in the a.m.

skin care winter dry skin best moisturizers saphora beauty

My face is literally like theSahara, so I also use a lightweight moisturizer after the oil. My favorite right now is the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. Mostly because again, doesn't make me breakout, plus has all sorts of natural defenses against free radicals and to help with elasticity, anti-aging amazingness.

I'm sure there are a lot of other great products out there, but these are definitely the best I've found to keep my summer glow going strong. If I had to chose justoneof these as a "MUST HAVE" for winterit would 100% be the Jojoba oil. It's just magical :). Plus, for under $10 bucks you can't really ask for more!

I know these willgive yousome serious skincare salvation; especially if you're living somewhere with a "real" winter.♥ #CaliProblems♥

I know I'm not the only one going through this dilemma right now so make sure you tell me if you try these out!

I especially love seeing you in the mud masks on SnapChat! (LoveSweatAndFit)

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