Self Love Workbook

Self love workbook. I wrote this book to help EVERY women out understand how important they are.

We all have something incredible to offer the world and you need to know you deserve to be loved! Loving yourself unconditionally is SO important, but I know sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds. Our new Self Love Workbookis here to help with 7 days of self reflection, daily journaling, printables, tools for healing and the step by step on falling in love with YOU! Every woman needs this workbook, you'll never be the same after this. It's time to make self love #1! The handbook includes…

self love workbook to show yourself love
  • 7 life-changing daily worksheetsto get your mind right & inspire more self love!
  • Daily challenges to inspire growth and honest self reflection
  • Tools to learn tolove yourself unconditionally
  • Learnwhen to say No, and why to say YES!
  • Self love checklist
  • Weekly self care tracker
  • 3DIY face maskrecipes
  • #LSFselfloveclub printables

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