Say Buh-Bye To Holiday Stress With This Soothing Yoga Workout


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Now that we're a full week into December, how are you feeling? I'm definitely SO EXCITED that the holidays are here! It's so fun to decorate and pump all my favorite yuletide songs!! But, you know, there's always gonna be a little stress around the holidays.

Especially in 2020, right? On top of gift shopping and potentially trying to travel to see your loved ones, you're probably navigating ways to keep everyone safe. It's a tricky balance, and it can def make you feel a little tense.

But don't worry, girl — I got you! It's time to get into some #LSFyoga. And we have a new mat to help you get the most from your yoga workout! I've got the moves to a super-soothing yoga workout below. You can follow along or hop on your new #LSFmat and do whatever yoga workout or stretching you want. The point is to give your body some love and blow off some holiday steam.

Why yoga? Great question.

Why yoga and stretching are so good for relieving stress

When I'm feeling super stressed, I love a good yoga workout. I mean, yoga is literally proven to reduce stress. It can even help to lower your blood pressure, babes! Basically, it's an awesome way to chill out.

Because it's a mind-body practice, yoga helps you calm your mind and your body at the same time. And this super relaxed yoga workout I built is going to give you lots of ways to stretch it out. Pay attention as you move. You might be surprised how much stress you're carrying in your hips or shoulders, and stretching it out can bring you a ton of relief!

A yoga workout delivers. Get sweaty. Get bendy. Get de-stressed. It's really the best way to bust holiday tension and give your body some love.

Tips for reducing stress during the holidays and staying ZEN AF

On top of the yoga workout, I wanted to give you a few other tips I'm using to keep holiday worries at bay:

Keep a calendar and a budget:

Organization is EVERYTHING during the holidays! In faaaact, I even wrote a whole blog about it. Make sure you're writing stuff down. Keep a running total of how much you're spending on gifts so it doesn't get out of control. And make sure you write down all your commitments so you don't overbook yourself. We just launched our 2021 #GOALS Planner to give yourself an ultra-cute place to keep everything organized.

Make time for yourself every day:

Look, I know that it's easy to get busy during this time of year. But that doesn't mean you should just grit your teeth and push through! Make sure you're making time for self-care each day. What do you need? A good sweat session? Some sunshine? To call your mom? Give yourself time each day to check in and make sure you're doing okay.

Remember what matters:

Idk why, but I feel like gift shopping gets more and more stressful every year. I don't want to spend a whole ton of money, but I also want to get my people really awesome gifts! I think it's helpful to take a minute and remember that the gifts don't matter nearly as much as the thought behind them. Really, you're just trying to show people that you care about them. And you don't need a lot of money to do that! Something sentimental or homemade can convey the same thing — and might be even more treasured by your giftee than something with a big price tag.

Stick with your #goals:

The holidays are NOT a time to stop working out or eating healthy! I know it feels like it because there are sweet treats everywhere and it's def sweater weather. But losing the healthy habits you've developed makes you feel physically worse. And that can make stress feel even bigger. Keep taking care of yourself, girl. You deserve it!

Meet our new yoga mat!

You know I'm not gonna give you a yoga workout without giving you the right equipment for it! So I want to introduce you to your new workout BFF: our LSF yoga mat.

This thing is multi-use and multi-function. It's a workout dream come true. Like, honestly, it should probably be #1 on your workout essentials list. You can use it for yoga and stretching one day and sweat it out with a badass full-body circuit the next day! It's for every kind of woman and can be used for a ton of stuff! It's got the right amount of cushion and grip to power your most intense HIIT workouts, but it's also supportive enough to help you totally zen out in savasana. Seriously, it's going to be your #workoutBFF. In fact, if you're still gift shopping for your IRL workout BFF, you might want to snag her one.

Your soothing yoga workout

Alright, who's ready to get zen AF? I've got some yoga poses that are going to make you feel SO GOOD. Seriously, just do a few cat-cows and I bet you'll be like: WHOA.

What are you waiting for? Here's your yoga workout, babes!

Cat Cow

Chest Opener

Half Pigeon

Happy Baby

Puppy Dog

Seated Twist

Shoulder Stretch

Supine Twist

Don't forget to snap me some pics when you get your mat! I can't wait to see all we do #LSFFromtheMat! It's the perfect foundation to smash holiday stress and support all our awesome resolutions in the new year, babe!

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