Refresh In 21 Challenge 2020

It's almost a new year and it's time for a new you!

The Refresh in 21 Challengeis HERE and we are so excited to kick off 2020 with this life changing challenge!

This is going to be the year that changes everything for you babe! Join us as we kick off the new year with a FREE 5 day detoxfollowed by our 21 day Refresh fitness challenge. No more wishing and hoping, this year we are making it happen. They say it takes 21 days to create new habits so TOGETHER we are going to set ourselves up for serious change in 2020!

Refresh in 21 2020

Let's detox

On Jan 1st we're all starting the 5 Day Detox. This is a brand new FREE ebook you'll get as soon as you sign up.

  • FREE 5 day body detox meal plan (don't worry, this isn't a juice cleanse!
  • Healthy detox recipes
  • FREE 5 day mental detox to get your mind right for the new year
  • Worksheets and printables for some mental love

Let's Refresh in 21

After the 5 day detox it's time to refresh with a 21 day fitness challenge starting on January 6th.We are all in this together and will be cheering you on every step of the way!

  • FREE exclusive Refresh in 21Daily10exercises found in LSF the App
  • FREE daily bonus challenges found in LSF the App
  • The ultimate grand prize at the end of the challenge
  • Insane amounts of love, support, and motivation from your #TeamLSF girls
  • Tips and tricks to make 2020 your best year yet!
  • And so much MORE!
Refresh in 21 2020 Refresh Katie and girls

It's time to invest in yourself and make lasting changes this year babe! What are you waiting for?? Crush 2020 and join the Refresh in 21 Challenge now!

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