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Motivational Quotes. Happy Summer Shape Up, babe!!!

Get ready for an amazing transformation over the next eight weeks, starting TODAY! Will it be incredible? Yes! Will it be worth it? Yes! Will it be easy? TBH… Not always… There will be days when you don't feel like working out, or you'll find a reason why you "can't". But don't worry, boo. We've thought of it all for you! Including these amazing quotes to keep you moving and pushing, even on the days you just don't wanna.


For when you're trying to decide if you're going to work out or not…

Motivational quotes to keep you going through the entire free 8 week Love Sweat Fitness challenge this summer!

I mean, you're already part of the SSU! But in a few days or weeks, it might be a harder choice to make. Never forget why you started and that you're working towards progress. That's the only option here, girl!

For when you're afraid of failure…

Don't doubt yourself, motivation for exercising

Couldn't have said it better myself. Today is your day. Making the commitment to this 8-week transformation means you want it and you believe in yourself. Shake that fear off. There's nothing to be intimidated by. You are powerful and strong and youcando this!

For when you have a reallllllllly good excuse (or, cramps)…

PREACH! Just show up. Just press play on that daily workout. We talk you through it, we show you how to do each move, and we have different levels of difficulty for everyone! It won't be easy, but itispossible. Show up for yourself, even when it's tough. You deserve it.

For when that workout is hard and you're losing steam…

Motivational quotes to keep going when you're exhausted.

You're going to be tired. You're going to want to quit.Especiallyon the last few reps. But do not give in. PUSH through. You can do it. It's mind over matter in a lot of ways. You're doing the workout start to finish, whether you have to modify or not. Whether you're shaking or not. Whether you grab slightly lighter weights or not. This is such a huge place to grow, in all areas of life! In Team LSF, we finish what we start.

For those moments when you think you can't do another lunge…

How to stay motivated and get healthy and fit! Motivation quotes.

Keep going. Your body can do it. Can your mind?? Pst. The answer is yassss, babe! Push until you can't push anymore…change is going to happen, my friend.

For the dark times (that ALL of us have!) when you hate what you see in the mirror…

Quotes to help you be confident and body-positive! Motivational quotes for the days you need help achieving your goals.

First step in becoming that woman you aspire to be? Making the decision to show up for yourself and sweatin' it out today. Always remember that true confidence and what you see in the mirror have ZERO relationship. But, a confident woman who values herself will show up to take care of herself…and that's where a healthy lifestyle comes in!

For the days when you were going to workout but "something else came up"…

Advice for finding time to workout! Motivation quotes so you get fit this summer. Free 8 week challenge at Love Sweat Fitness.

Legit schedule it in on your calendar until it become a habit. Block out that time for yourself. You deserve it. Do not cancel. Show up for yourself and watch your body and mind transform. And hey, if you're friend is trying to hang out when you were going to exercise, invite her to join YOU instead of derailing your progress. Be a light!

For when you feel like your workouts aren't making a difference and you think about quitting…

You won't get the booty you want by sitting on it, Motivation, Motivational quotes to help you make a fitness habit.

Amen, girl. You gotta work dat booty to get it poppin! We gotchu covered this challenge, trust. Just get off the couch and work that bod! Honestly, if there was a way you could put your blinders on for 2 months of working hard, you would be AMAZED at your before/after comparison pics. Results take time, so stay out of your head about it. And DON'T check the scale every day!

For when you get caught up in the comparison game on IG…

How to change fitness habits, Stop comparing yourself, motivational quotes for fitness, free 8 week challenge, weight loss, get healthy

There are so many gorg girls on Insta and inspo on Pinterest. But scrolling for hours isnotwhere change happens. It happens when you put down the phone and pick up the weights.

So print these out, save them to your phone, get them in front of those pretty eyes… you just may need them! Share your fave with your girls on Insta today and be sure to tag @lovesweatfitness, @teamlsf, and #SummerShapeUp. And on the days that feel v hard, come back to these quotesandyour TeamLSF girls! Cause we got you, girl.

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