October Lockscreen

October lockscreen. Hey babe. Having a "wake me up when September ends" kinda month?

Well GUESS WHAT: it's time to wake up, because it's almost October! September is ending, the season is for real, for REAL changing, and we're looking straight into the holiday season pretty quick here. Time always flies, but somehow it felt like it really went quick this year. Anyone else feel the same way?!

We know how hard it can be to take this crazy time of year and put yourself first.

Your goals that you worked SO hard on all summer might be taking a back seat to all the chaos. Sure, part of that is just life, right? We can't always spend a full hour a day working out. We can't always have a full afternoon to meal prep. We get it.

But let's push back against that a little. Because thereÔøΩÔøΩs another part of the equation where you're overwhelmed, so you're shutting down. DON'T. Keep your head up, stay focused, just keep showing up…

…Even if all you have is 10 minutes.

The October Lockscreen for this month is supposed to help you keep showing up, because it helps you remember that your goals are ultimately pretty simple. Follow a few simple "rules" and you're golden. Don't panic! We can do this. Seeing this everyday will help you remember the intentions you made for the month and hold yourself accountable.

October Wallpaper

Keep your head up, babe! You're killing it. Check out all of our favorite inspirational quotes on our Pinterest board! We love looking at them when we need a little extra motivation. Pin them to your boards or save them in your camera roll!

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