Feel Amazing Not Guilty!


We're all too familiar with that guilt that hits when you realize you're not on track with the goals you set for yourself.

Whether it's because of your mom's Thanksgiving cooking, a few too many Christmas cookies between meals, or just a regular day of low motivation, we're all too familiar with that guilt that hits when you realize you're not on track with the goals you set for yourself. And while we're all about goal crushing, it's so important to get real for a minute and talk about how to deal with guilt and get back into the game.

Here's what we're going to learn to do TOGETHER:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Move on
  • Adapt your plan

Before we go any further, let's be clear:indulging is no reason to feel guilty. Skipping workouts isn't either. Living your life and prioritizing your friends and family time during the holidays is how humans live!! So don't be surprised by your motivation dropping off a bit.

And here's the thing…guilt has this awful effect of making you want to give up.

…Or making you decide you're not worth trying anymore. Or causing you to spiral! And this right here is the most important thing to get through if you want to hit your fitness goals. The crazy guilt that gets you down on yourself.

We haveallbeen there. It's a dark place to be, and it can have a big affect on how you see yourself and what you're capable of doing moving forward. These simple tips and tricks for when you're feeling super guilty about your choices can make all the difference in which direction you head post-binge, because we know that you aresoooomuch more than a little cheat meal.

Take A Deep Breath

A lot of the time, you enjoy the food in the moment, only to be hit with a wave of anxiety once you look at your empty plate. But girl, it'scrucialto take a step back here. You might feel like those extra servings are going to cost you big, but in reality? It's just not that big of a deal unless you make it one. So sure, you might notice that the extra sugar makes your head or stomach hurt, or maybe you'll notice the beginnings of a breakout on your face the next morning.

This is such good info for you to remember as you learn to trust your body to tell you what it wants. But the chances of it affecting your progress in a lasting way? They're so slim it's not even worth worrying about! Instead, have a big glass of water to help your stomach digest your indulgence and take a deep breath.

Move On

The last thing you want is to spiral out of control and start binging on all the "bad" food in your house. This will make you feel so much worse, both physically and emotionally. And again, we've all been there. Or, maybe you go the other route and overexercise to compensate. Often, you might risk injury by working yourself into the ground to make up for the few extra calories. Or…you try to starve yourself of the food that you feel like you didn't deserve. All of these courses of action will leave you feeling worse, and are 100% unsustainable.

Plus, your body works so hard for you, and deserves wayyyy more love than that.

The very best thing you can do for yourself is to carry on with your healthy behaviors as if nothing ever happened. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself to boost your confidence. Let your body know that it can keep expecting the best from you. Just keep your head up and keep on hustling toward the positive.


Don't accept patterns of stress eating or junk food binging as your norm. Set yourself up to succeed! If you tend to overeat when you're stressed, try to schedule in some yoga as soon as you feel any anxiety. Stock up on healthy sweets so that you have something to nibble on when the people around you are inhaling Oreos. Most important: do not avoid eating for hours before a party to save up calories for an event! Eat normally, keep your appetite in a healthy spot, and you'll be so shocked at how much easier it is to stop after a few cookies instead of 27.

Keep tabs on how your healthy habits are feeling!

So if you're healthy recipes are getting a little stale, it's time to find some new ones you crave.The Guiltless Nutrition Guideis perfect for some fresh and easy recipes that will leave you looking forward to every meal! Same for those workouts: if they're getting old, add some variety or buy a cute new workout outfit! The Hot Body Sweat Guideis written to give you about 30 minutes a day of exercise that progresses with you (so it will challenge but not kill you!), which will help even out your metabolism and take away all that holiday stress!!

No matter how you choose to overcome those moments (because we know you will!) remember that progress is always progress. If a football team loses one game, it doesn't mean the season is over right? And it doesn't undo their previous wins. So maybe you need to take an L, but let's just remember that an L isn't the end.

You are no less capable of reaching your ultimate goals just because of fun, holiday indulging. So next time you're kicking yourself for going back for thirds, or eating a whole roll of cookie dough (uhh, guilty!), dust yourself off, get right back up, and know that you're still a total booty-kicking boss babe!

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