SSU Prize Winner: Natasha Perry

Our next transformation story is coming to you from Natasha Perry.

This babe is always so involved in the LSF Communityand is always lifting up and supporting her other #TeamLSFbabes! And LOOK and that transformation! Natasha is killin' it and we are so proud. Follow her on Instagram @tatatashie!

During Summer Shape Up 2019, participants were challenged to break negative habits in their lives. Using the LSF App, daily motivational workouts, LSF meal plans, and more, our girls had all the tools in their belt to boost their confidence and motivation to new heights.

Natasha is fitness inspiration goals. We mean, look at that bod! Here's what Natasha had to say about her LSF experience.

When did you join #TeamLSF?

I joined #TeamLSFin October of 2018 and haven't looked back yet. Definitely the best decision I have ever made!

What were your goals going into the challenge?

My goals on this challenge was to tone and become mentally fit. Self love is key.Without self love how are you to love your body and to have the motivation to be happy and healthy. The mindset was finally for my health and that is forever a game changer!

Why should you be chosen to win the trip to Cali for the ultimate LSF girls weekend?

I want to prove to women that self love isn't selfish.I have won one challenge but want to continue to show women to never give up and always care for themselves. Without caring for ourselves how are we supposed to healthily take care and help others. Love Sweat Fitness is my role model and showed me how to become this human being, and to meet her in person and thank her would fulfill one of my Macro goals.

Starting fresh and changing your lifestyle isn't easy, but it's SO worth it. What was most challenging for you these last 8 weeks?

The most challenging was exercising in the evening after sitting at a desk all day, but after about two weeks the routine became a healthy habit that I looked forward to…Team LSF and Love Sweat Fitness really helped me change my lifestyle for the better. I have Crohn's disease and am in remission but since starting this health journey I have only had one flare up and that is my "WHY" to forever be healthy and grateful for the LSF community.

Did you use the app or any LSF guides during the challenge? If so, which ones? Share your experience!

The last week of this challenge I went by the Hot Body Meal Planto get the fullest effect. I lost almost three pounds just from that. I used the appthe whole challenge and it was so convenient at work, home, vacation, and the gym.

Natasha's 8 week Progress

There is no better feeling than meeting the #goalsyou've set for yourself, and having a great community to celebrate it with you. You've got this! Cue that inspiration from Natasha – you're ready to show yourself some love and get that healthy body you know can have!

Alright, babes. Stay tuned for our next transformation story. But for now, get out there and kill it!

Natasha's progress Oct 2018 – Aug 2019

natasha perry

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