My Ultimate Challenge: A Search For A New Workout


New Workout. Have you ever worked out super hard, seen great results and then all of a sudden just hit a wall?

After months of great progress you suddenly can't lose a pound? I get hundreds of emails from girls struggling with this everyday. I know how hard it can be to figure out what is going on, but there is a reason it happens! Here's the deal,if you're doing the same workouts day in and day out, no matter how intense they may be, your body is going to get comfortable.When it'snot beingchallenged, it's not going to change. In order to see the best results you've got to mix up your routine.

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Last week my friends at Propel Electrolyte Waterchallenged me to "Lyte" up my workouts and set up anincredible opportunity for me to train with Gunnar Peterson (#bucketlist). Girls, his workout was no joke! He had me running all over the gym using crazy machines I had never seen before. It was so hard, but sooooo great! Over the last few months I felt like I had hit a plateau. Believe me, I know I have come a loooooong way, but as your body gets stronger, it needs to be pushed more in order to continue to change.That's why even after months and months of training and eating right, it is still challenging to drop those last few pounds or get your abs to pop. I recently started upping my workouts and training at the gym 1.5-2 hours a day, 5 days a week, but something was missing. While I have definitely began to see a difference from all my gym time, there was still something missing that Gunnar helped me remember. It's time to switch it up!

While I change up my workouts inside the gym, I've been wanting to find more ways to mix up my week, not only for my body, but to continue to grow as an instructor. I love learning new thingsso I can bring you girls the best of the best!There are so many incredible classes that I rarely have time to take, so I'm accepting Propel's challenge!

I'm committingto trying 1 new class, studio or workout each week from now until July 16th and I need your help!

What Do You Think I Should Try?

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As part of the challenge I was given a Class Pass, super cool! It's pretty self explanatory, but it's basically a pass that will get you into classes at tons of different gyms and studios without being locked in to just one location or contract. I'm really excited, but there are SO many to chose from and I can't do it alone! If there is something you have been wanting to try or been doing for a long time…fill me in! What are your favorites? Add your ideas in the comments below so I can start checking them out asap!

Ok, but it's not just about me, I want you girls to take the challenge with me! I know a ton of you are already doing my LSF Challenges, but is there something else you can add to your daily workout? It could be adding a set of abs or an extra 10 minutes to go on a run. No matter whatit is, take this challenge with me and let's see how far we can go by July!

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EXCITING NEWS!: I am going to be giving away a case of the new Propel Electrolyte Water(so awesome to rehydrate you!) and FREE month membership to Class Pass! This is the perfect combo pack. You can get your sweat on while trying out some new classes and rehydrate with Gatorade-level electrolytes! All you need to do is comment below to help me find anew favorite classes and join me in the"Lyte Up Your Workout" Challenge!

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