My Top Tips On How To Practice Mindfulness


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We are about half way through our Booty Challenge - Who's feeling it?? I definitely am. I'm enjoying our challenges more and more, and I think a huge part of that is mindfulness. When I'm super present in the challenge, each day feels like a fun, new adventure. It's been so awesome for me!

It's interesting to me that probably five years ago, no one was really talking about mindfulness. Now, I feel like it's everywhere. And it's so awesome! Being tuned into the moment, really enjoying what's happening right now, is so, SO powerful. Like, life changing.

But it's hard, right? With life running a million miles a minute and a thousand things you want to do, it can be hard to slow down enough to do even a few minutes of mindfulness activities. But don't you worry, girl! I've got you.

To empty your mind, you need to put all that stuff somewhere

I found that one of the most helpful tools to improve mindfulness is just having a place to put stuff to get it out of my brain. Seriously, it's so hard to be in the moment when the to-do list in your head is seven miles long.

I've been using our LSF planner all 2020 and it's been HUGE for this. Just knowing I have a place to put everything so it can get off my mind has been insanely helpful. And — drum roll please — our 2021 planner is finally here!! I'm so insanely excited about this!

The 2021 #Goals Planner

The 2021 LSF #Goals Planner is the most complete planner for your MIND, BODY, and #GOALS. We're so done with basic planners. This thing is MUCH more than your mom's datebook or a plain old to-do list!

The 2021 planner is a combo planner/workbook. And that work is all focused on YOU. It's seriously chock-full of resources to help you be mindful and have your best year ever. We've got tons of tools you can use to set goals — and actually stick with them. The planner has self-care, fitness, and nutrition info that I seriously love and think will be so helpful for all of us next year!! Shop the planner HERE!

On top of all of this, I've found that having a planner is key for making time for mindfulness activities. First off, I've literally been penciling in time to slow down and be present.

But also, I just love having my planner as a trusted place to jot stuff down as I think about it. Sometimes I think of super fun and creative stuff for #TeamLSF and I need to write it down and plan it out immediately! But I don't want to forget important stuff, either!

So whenever I feel like I have too much in my head and it's making it hard to practice mindfulness activities, I pull out my planner. I make notes in there, and because I know I'll look at my planner every day, I don't worry that I'll miss important stuff. It's been so huge to get things out of my head and into a place I trust!

I'll give you a few examples of mindfulness activities — and how I'm using my planner to help.

Examples: everyday mindfulness activities

Mindful eating

Um, this is GAME-CHANGING. How often do you scarf down a meal before running to class or mindlessly eat while you're in front of the TV? Change it up, girl!

Try being mindful when you're eating. Slow down and really taste each bite. Have a moment of admiration for the beautiful meal in front of you. You'll get so much more out of mealtime this way!

If mindful eating is hard for you, it can be helpful to take a few minutes after you eat to make notes on your meal. Don't just write down the basics, like what you ate and the nutrient breakdown, but also note how it made you feel. You might learn more about healthy food options that make you super happy!

Mindful listening

Okay, I know we all struggle with this. But of all the mindfulness activities, this is the one that will make the biggest difference for the people you care most about.

Here's what I do: if I'm going to meet up with a friend but I know my brain is going a mile a minute, I carve out a few minutes to sit with my planner. I make notes about stuff I don't want to forget and put stuff on my calendar to deal with later. That way, when I show up with my friend, I can be totally present with her. I can tune into everything she's saying and really enjoy the time with her. And I think it makes the hangout leagues better for both of us!

Mindful breaks

Seriously, your planner can help you get more time for mindfulness activities in your day. I'll literally write down a chunk on my calendar. It can be as short as 15 minutes!

Katie stretching

Then, when that time rolls around, I sit with my planner for a sec and do a brain dump to get everything out. That way, I can use the rest of my mindfulness time to really, truly slow down. I focus on my breath. I notice how my body's feeling. I let myself relax and tap into the minute I'm in. It doesn't take a ton of time, but I always get up feeling super refreshed and energized! I also love to do some of the yoga videos in the LSF App, or use the stretching resource page in the 2021 #Goals Planner, it just depends on how I'm feeling!

These are just a few mindfulness activities, but it's really all about finding what works for you. I know mindfulness can be tricky, but keep trying because, seriously, it's worth it — and so are you!

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