My Tips + Tricks For Setting New Year's Resolutions

Setting New Year's Resolutions. WHAT IS UP, MY NEW YEAR BABES???

Can you believe it's 2020? I always absolutely looove the start of the year. It's such a fun time when everything feels fresh and I'm super energized to work toward my #goals.

How about you? Did you set some New Year's resolutions? (I've got some tips to help you set awesome ones later in this blog). Whatever your resolutions are, this is the day to be crushing them! Start now and you'll feel so amazing and like such a boss by the end of this first month of the year!If you're joining meand resolving to detox your bodyto start the year, it's tiiiime. Our detox starts todayand, babe, I'm psyched for it. I was super mindful through the holiday season and Istillfeel like I need to hit reset. There's just so much sugar and stress at the end of the year!

Okay, let's talk about #goals. It's one of my fave topics. I'm super motivated by setting goals and I LOVE that feeling that comes with accomplishing them. And you know what I've learned? Achieving your goals is all about setting the right goals in the first place.

Like, if you resolve to "change your life" in 2020, that's kinda hard. What does that mean, really? But if you resolve to spend at least 30 minutes outside each day, do your LSF workouts5 days a week, and read one book a month, you can absolutely do it. See how much easier those goals are to check off?

New Years Resolutions

Here are my top tips for setting New Year's resolutions — and any other #goals — so you can crush them:

Make them realistic

Look, I'd love to double my income this year and finish 2020 fluent in three new languages. But, that's a lot. And the problem with setting goals that are a lot is that you feel bad when you don't reach them. So yes, def make a wish list of all the things you'd love to do someday! But then break your major goals into micro-goals. Like, if you want to learn a new language, maybe resolve to sign up for and complete a class in it. That's absolutely doable!

Make them measurable

Which brings me to another suuuuper important point. Make sure you can actually measure your goals. "Spend more time outside" is a great goal but it's kinda hard to measure that. How are you gonna do it unless you know exactly how much time you spent outdoors in 2019 and commit to adding one more hour? Instead, make your goal something you can totally measure. "15 minutes of outside time each day" is something you can absolutely track.

Make it fun

The thing about goals? When they're too big or too hard to measure, they feel super overwhelming. That's why I love measurable micro-goals. And then I break my micro-goals into even smaller mini micro-goals. That way, I can celebrate successes along the way, not just when I hit the big year-long resolution. Finished half of a book? Stuck with your workouts for three straight weeks? Kept your room clean all month? Treat yourself, babe! Celebrating yourself along the way makes working toward your goals more fun, which totally helps you stay motivated and focused.

You've got this, girl! 2020 is yours for the taking!! Here's a cute printable so you can make 2020 your year!!

New Years Resolutions

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