My Thanksgiving Week Routine


thanksgiving week routine

I remember years ago when Thanksgiving week would be the start of serious stress for me.

I'd start to freak out about my weight, all the goals I hadn't accomplished that year, everything I needed to get done before Christmas etc etc. Then would try EVERYTHING to avoid gaining weight. Until I got over that and would be like "f*it" and start over-indulging. Really a lose-lose.

But not anymore...we're taking back control this year!


My Thanksgiving Week Routine

I've learned a LOT through my own weight-loss journey and have figured out how to finally have a happy, HEALTHY Thanksgiving week routine.

My personal goal this week is keep my foundation strong. For me that's my morning routine + These two musts:

1.Get in my daily workouts in the MOVE App - that includes getting 30 minutes in Thanksgiving Morning. Exercise reduces stress and increases endorphins. Less stress means you'll make more mindful food choices.

2. Stick to normal eating times and foods 90% of the week and choose what's worth indulging in... Definitely lots from the Holiday Survival Guide & Recipe Book!

I'll be scheduling my workouts, meal planning daily and adding in the additions below so I can build it out and hold myself accountable.

Printables for Your Routine

I know we all have a LOT on our plates this week. I wanted to keep it simple for our prep week so you'll find the essentials to help you prep for the challenge & de-stress this week here.

Plan these into your routine this week to help you get ready for the holidays and this challenge!

You'll also find a great printable for building your routine HERE. I want you to print this out and use it to plan your daily routine. Add in my suggestions for the prep week printable plus the things that are most important to you!

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Before we start:

Yes this is a challenge, but remember our goal is to STAY CONSISTENT WHEN LIFE JUST ISN'T

As you build out your holiday routines make sure you take time to think about what YOU want to accomplisheach week and set REALISTIC goals for yourself.

Ask yourself : What's important to me? Why is that important? How do I create time for it?



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You girls know for me this is more than just a challenge, it's a time for us to come together, connect and re-group before the new year. I'm so excited for this one!!


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