My Nochella ~ Coachella Experience


Nochella. After attending Coachella last year I didn't plan on going back.

I love live music as much as the next girl, but the dust and crazy amount of less-than-coherent people turned me off. The days were long, and being miles from where you are staying made it impractical to head back for a mid-day rest. I was glad I could say I did it, but that one year was enough. That is until I experienced what I like to call NoChella.

About a week before Coachella took over the desert, I gotan email from my friends at POPSUGARabout an invite-only event they would be hosting with ShopStyle in Palm Springs (30min away from the Polo Fields of Coachella). Live music, food, drinks and fashion all while soaking up the sun poolside. Yes Please! I love last minute adventures so I grabbed Ryan and some friends and decided to head out. We had such a great time I just had to share it with you all and give you a little peek inside this exclusive event!


The event was at the Viceroy in Palm Springs, just minutes from our hotel and it couldn't have been a better day. If your haven't been to Palm Springs before, you HAVE to go. It's such a funky little town bursting with color! It's hard to not have fun!

IMG_0272 IMG_0274

There were rooms set up with gorgeous pieces from designer Mara Hoffman and chances to win amazing prizes. As we entered they handed out small keys, only one of which opened a box filled with designer bathing suits, towels and more. (My key didNOTopen the box..waah) They also set up a studio in one of the rooms where POPSUGAR invitedguests inside to film fun littlevideos. While there were all sorts of exciting things going on,this might have been my favorite part of the whole event!I got to show off my "Coachella Style" whileplaying with glitter and confetti! It was AWESOME!

IMG_0281 IMG_0276

I am all about the pool party and so is my handsome hubs. Ryan was really excited to get a little taste of Coachella this year even though we didn't hit actual festival. We loved checking out all the DJ sets at the smaller parties, it was honestly the best of both worlds. You get thefun of Coachella without any of the inevitable ridiculousness.

IMG_0277 IMG_8901

Yay! Yay! Yay! Best moment of the day! I got to meet an amazing #LSFgirl Kat at the party! I'm so glad she stopped me to say hi! It still blows my mind that I have been able to share my story and inspire so many of you to keep working toward your goals!


Dancing in the sunshine and getting ready to dive in. What made this partywas how relaxed it felt, everyone was so friendly and happy to be enjoying the pool. Between the people, music, drinks and awesome Mexican food (yup..there was a taco cart…just sayin), it felt like you were hanging out at a friends pool for a summer BBQ (but BETTER!) After this epic weekend, Iwill gladly take NoChella over Coachella every year!

IMG_0256 IMG_0264

Until Next Year…

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