My Healthy Fall Morning Routine


fall morning routine!

I know I spent the better part of September annoyed that everyone was already sipping PSL's, but now it's officially fall and I am totally on board! This time of year it's real hard to stay motivated when snuggling on the couch just sounds so good, but I've got you boo. I just uploaded my Healthy Fall Morning Routine and I'm sharing some easy hacks for all you busy babesto help you stay on track.

There are so many random things I do as part of my normal morning routine that I really think will help all of you out. Sometimes it's the smallest tweak in your day that has the biggest impact and that for sure has been true for me this fall. Checkout the video and see everything I'm doing, PLUS get the PSL recipeand newHypothyroidism and dry shampoo hacks!

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