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Fuelshaker. Being someone who spends a ton of time at the gym, I'm always on the lookout for new products, apparel, or equipment that will make gym-life a little easier and a lot more fun!

I love trying everything out there so I can share the goodies and help you sift through the b.s. I thought it would be great to start a regular blog showing you all of my "Fitness Finds." Sometimes there will be things I find on my own, while other times, I might be working withbrands to share their latest and greatest. Either way, I willonlyshow you girls things I actually use andLOVE!

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One of my newest finds sounds simple, but has helped me out so much! Most days I can be seen juggling at least 3 different bottles. I have a regular water bottle, one with BCAA's for during workouts and then a shaker with my post-workout protein. (My bag is ridiculous. I often end up spilling on myself or losing one of the 3 bottles at some point during the day…it's a hot mess)

I was in major need of a better way to get handle everything without tons of bottles or zippy bags filled with loose powders. There are a million shaker bottles out therewhich are basically the same and don't offer anything special. Whether it's a metal ball inside or a plastic sifter, they all get the job done; at least well enough to down that protein. That being said, the Fuelshakeris the only one I have found that actually offers something unique. It is definitely a "must-have" shaker.

Ok so here's the scoop. This Fuelshaker has a magical compartment (the "Fueler") inside that you can pre-pack your protein or supplements so they stay dry until you're ready for them. I didn't totally get why that was so special until I used it.

What I started doing is filling oneFueler with BCAA's for during my workout and a second one with protein for my post-workout. I just use the bottle as a water bottle until I am ready and then pop the BCAA compartment. Once that's gone I pop in the protein and BOOM! I know, major fitness geek moment, but IT"S SO GOOD!This shaker is my new favorite thing because now I can ditch all the other bottles I was toting around. FINALLY!

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