Motivation Challenge


Motivation challenge. Let's Do This, Girl!

Motivational Monday

Kickin' off day 1 of our first ever Motivation Challenge and wanna give you the deetz on what is going to be the best week of the summer!

For most of us, motivation seems like something we have to find when in fact, motivation is something we create. The motivation you need to reach your goals is inside of you, you just need to have enough self-love and respect to recognize it.

Why do the challenge at all?

Motivation is tied to our self-esteem, and that can change on the reg. Legit daily. In order to grow and live our best lives, we have to change the beliefs that feed or destroy your self-esteem. That's exactly why we're doing this challenge! Positive, amazing changes.

What to expect from it?

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Srsly. You're gonna start to change, girl. With the motivation we'll be slinging, and the work you'll put in, it's just a straight recipe for success!

We will work together to help you change your mentality, become more positive, and be mindful throughout the challenge. It'll just take a quick 5 minutes of true, honest reflection daily and you'll be amazed with how you can change your mindset!

Never Be The Same

Legit. You'll never be the same after this. You're going to change big time mentally during this motivation challenge.

But please. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself with the kindness you so deserve.

…Ready for it?

Break out that journal! It can be a purty one or can legit be the "Notes" function on your phone. Keep it simple so you do it.

Today's challenge: Start journaling.

Spend 5-10 minutes (or more!) reflecting. Dig deep, be honest and think about this….

How do you feel about yourself right now? Where you're at in life, in love, with your health & fitness. All of it! How do you feel about where you're at and about yourself? What needs to change? What do you want to get out of this challenge?

This is going to help set you up for the rest of the week so you can get the most out of this challenge. Be vulnerable and don't hold back babe!

Take Me to Day 2


Check in on Instagram when you finish the challenge and share your #LSFmadeitmonday goals for this week. xoxo

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