Mindful Morning Routine


Even though most of us don't have control over what happens throughout the day, having a mindful morning routine will give you something to look forward to and elevate your mental wellness.

How To Create a Mindful Morning Routine

The way you handle your day is heavily influenced by how you spend the first hour of the day — which is why creating a morning routine or, morning ritual, that serves you is so important! Through my own trial-and-error I figured out what consistently works for me and want to help and share tips with the LSF community to create a mindful, morning routine that inspires healthy habits and "me" time.

Be Realistic

Let's start off by saying, while we would all love to wake up and drink our collagen-filled, low-fat coffee followed by a fresh, cold-pressed green juice — that just isn't always achievable or realistic. Know that not every morning will look the same and meet your expectations — that's okay! But, even the craziest of mornings need structure and time set aside for yourself, no matter how small it might feel.

If you aren't sure where to start, set some morning "must haves" or a handful of different rituals that will ground you. Some days,you may be craving exercise or fresh air, while other mornings, you could prefer reading.Be easy and forgiving with yourself when starting a new habit — start small and realize that it takes time!

Get Moving & Connected

Whether you want to dance while blasting music, get your workout done for the day, or do a mindful meditation — whatever it is, wake up your body and mind by getting moving and connected. By starting your morning with movement, wakes up your body, while getting connected, keeps you connected to your purpose.\

Avoid Technology Takeover

I think we are all guilty at some point or another of reaching for our phones as soon as we wake up and spending our whole morning responding to texts, scrolling through Instagram, and catching up on emails. It's so easy to get sucked in, then suddenly look at the clock and – poof – your morning is gone! The problem with this is that we are starting off our day reactive to others rather than doing what we need to do for ourselves. The best way that has worked for us, is turning our phones on "Do not disturb", so we aren't as tempted to be reacting to notifications.

By having something to look forward to—whether it be a warm beverage, glass of lemon water, meditation, or a cozy pair of slippers—morning routines encourage presence and grounded living. Being intentional with your mornings sets your day up for success by getting yourself ready, moving and connected to your purpose. Remember when creating your own mindful morning routine: there is no one way, there is no right way and your routine will be specific to you. We are all unique individuals and creating this routine is about elevating your life, so make sure that it does just that!


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