SSU Grand Prize Winner: Melissa Kutlusoy


We cried like 10 times hearing her story…

Last July we launched the 2019 Summer Shape Up Challengeand for 8 weeks we sweat together, we posted our sweaty selfies, made healthy recipes and crushed the challenge! There could only be a few winners to come to California for our grand prize, and we had such an AMAZING time sending out 4 beautiful women to the OC to beach and relax with us.

We really looked for women who were consistent with not only their fitness and nutrition throughout the challenge, but who were involved in the #TeamLSF community and supported their other babes doing the challenge too!

Our grand prize winner, Melissa Kutlusoy, came to California and we were so happy to meet her! We asked her a few questions on her experience with SSU and being apart of #TeamLSF- check it out and follow Melissa on Insta @melissaa_lsf.

summer shape up grand prize winner showing off her weight loss transformation

What were your goals going into the challenge?

Melissa:My biggest goal was to start living a daily healthy living routine and during the challenge I was able to accomplish this and I also will continue to maintain my newly formed habits! I have weight loss goals as well and because of the SSU am 50% to my goal and I started, I was at 0% to my goal!

Did you ditch any unhealthy habits this summer?

Melissa:No processed foods has been so hard but the SSU helped me completely ditch that bad habit. I also stopped judging myself which was a really unhealthy habit before I started SSU. I now appreciate myself so much more and don't compare myself or my journey to others.

What are some of the healthy habits you formed during Summer Shape Up?

Melissa: Working out every day, healthy eating while also learning how to live and enjoy myself without over indulging, being kinder to myself and others.

Melissa's 8 week Progress

summer shape up grand prize winner showing off her weight loss transformation

What motivated you to join us for #LSFSummerShapeUp?

Melissa: This was my very first challenge! I honestly was just feeling down about myself and unmotivated. I was looking for something new to challenge me and hopefully start making positive changes in my life.

I just had a baby about 10 months ago and she was my biggest motivation. I know I need to be a better person physically and mentally because I just don't have myself to worry about anymore I was hoping the LSF SSU would be that new motivation for me and it was exactly what I needed! I have tried so many other outlets and failed but not with LSF!

What's your fave part about Team LSF?

Melissa:I love love love the community! I'm looking forward to continuing to check in with the girls I met throughout this journey even now that the challenge is over. I'd love to be able to meet some of them who live close to me and workout in person too! Doing this challenge helped me realize I need a community to help support me which is why it was my favorite part.

summer shape up grand prize winner showing off her weight loss transformation with Katie of Love Sweat Fitness

What did we say about goals and crushing it? This babe absolutely embodies the meaning of hard work, and we're so excited to continue to watch her journey with #TeamLSF. She is #LSFgoals!

Melissa's 6 month Progress

July 2019 – January 2020

We LOVE a fabulous transformation, and we love watching #TeamLSFgrow with people who learn to love themselves better through a good challenge.

This 100% could be you! We are about to jump into our Lots of Love Challengeand it's a perfect time to join #TeamLSF and truly make 2020 the year YOU become the version of yourself you've always dreamed of being!

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