May 14 Day Love Handle Workout Challenge


Love Handle Workout. Join the May 14 Day Love Handle Challenge!

love handle challenge

This month is all about saying "byyyyyyeeeeee" to your love handles. The May 14 Day Love Handle Workout Challenge is 14 days of workouts that will tone and tighten up your sides. You all deserve to feel confident rocking your short shorts and swimsuits this summer!

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If you're already doing the LSF Hot Body Sweat Guide, these workouts will be a BONUS challenge to your schedule. If you're adding them on, do it at the end of your HBSG workout (or at a totally different time of day) and only do 1-2 rounds max.

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What You Need to Get Started:

  • Create yourLSF IG handle so we can check out what you're up to(ex: lsf_katie) &Follow@lovesweatfitness & @teamlsf
  • Print your calendarbelow
  • Post a selfiewith #lsfhotbody so we can all see who's in!
  • Access all your workout videosBELOW(keep scrollin' friends!)
  • Follow the LSF Hot Body Meal Planweeks 3 & 4for a totally toned tummy

How to Get the BEST Results:

♥ Drinks LOTS of water!2-3L per day

♥ Double Up!Do 1-2 rounds of these workouts as a bonus to your HBSG

♥ Don't forget to get your zzzzzzzz!Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night!

♥ Stretch every single day!No excuses, your body needs to recover.

Workout Calendar:

The Workouts:

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