How To Make Fitness A Habit


how to make fitness a habit. Listen. Getting fit is not easy.

We live in a world of convenience. Netflix plays the next episode for us without us even having to think about it (or even like, push a button). Uber drives us around. Postmates delivers food. Alexa plays our music and orders us stuff. Let's just say, we're used to a certain level of smooth-sailing. I will be the first to tell you that I freaking LOVE all of the above.

But when we decide that we wanna get healthy, we wonder why it's so. dang. hard.

So while there's no point in shouting, "Alexa, make me a fitness habit", there are ways to make it easier and set yourself up for success. And trust, it's sooooo worth it! Here are our top five ways on how to make fitness a habit in your life.

Baby steps.

Sweat it out every single day. Even if it's just for 10 minutes. It takes a minimum of 21 days of repetitive action to create a habit, so really commit to a do-able chunk for those 3 weeks and you'll see it will get easier! (Here's a huge secret from a fitness professional:Somedays you won't feel like it…sometimes I don't. You'll make every excuse not to do it. Do it anyway. You'll always be happy you did!)

Schedule your workouts.

Literally, block off calendar time for your workouts. Whether it's 10-, 30-, or 60-minutes. Block it off. Write it in your calendar, add it to your iPhone. Act like it's an important meeting with your boss that you cannot and will not blow off.

Reminder: YOU are worth investing in, just as much as any boss, relationship, or job. So prioritize yourself and don't feel bad about it!

Pay yourself.

No seriously. Each time you workout, give yourself a dollar. Put it in a piggie bank or envelope, whatever floats your boat. But pay yourself. Then treat yourself to something fun when you reach a milestone! May we suggest some booty bandsor the LSF Day Drinking Water Bottle!? Incentive for real.

Stick to a plan you love!

Planning your own workout each day is overwhelming and a v understandable reason why people give up on their fitness habits. "What should I do? When should I do it?! How often?????" And then it can get booooring! Same thing all the time? No thanks! That's why the Hot Body Sweat Guideis perfect. It tells you what to do every single day, how many reps and even tells you how to do each and every exercise. No guesswork here! Just follow the guideto a bangin' bod!

Look cute.

Sounds crazy, I know. But if you're excited to rock a cute lil cropor some new (uh hello ultra-flattering high-waisted) leggings, I promise you'll be much more likely to actually workout than if you're feelin' bleh in your sweats.

Bonus tip!

Plug in with your girls over at Team LSF.This is an incredible community we have to lean on that will help you level up and really commit to your new fitness habit! From daily IG check-ins, to accountability partners, to fitness challenges… even in person sweat sesh meetups! Yes, it is that good. And promise it will make a difference!

So tell me – what will you commit to?! Whether you're brand new to fitness or looking to level up from an occasional workout to really committing to a new lifestyle, LMK how you'll incorporate these tips into your life! Can't wait to see you rock this new habit like a total boss.

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